QPR round-up: Freeman set to sign, Smith a possible option, Chery delay explained

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesQPR are poised to complete the £300,000 signing of Bristol City winger Luke Freeman.Rangers recently had an offer rejected for Freeman, whose contract at Ashton Gate is due to expire at the end of the season.He made it clear he would not sign a new deal – and further forced the issue by telling City he wanted to leave and did not want to play in their FA Cup match at Burnley on Saturday.That prompted Rangers to make an improved offer for the 24-year-old, who will undergo a medical on Monday.Freeman’s arrival will push the out-of-favour Nasser El Khayati even further down the pecking order at Rangers.Embed from Getty ImagesOxford United have expressed an interest in taking El Khayati on loan for the rest of the season.Meanwhile, Fulham’s Matt Smith is among the strikers QPR are considering as a potential pre-deadline signing.Rangers have so far been unable to agree a fee with Rotherham for Danny Ward.West London Sport today revealed why Tjaronn Chery’s move from QPR to Chinese club Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng took several weeks to go through.The reason for the delay was that Rangers were concerned by recent administrative issues involving transfers to China and, more importantly, reports that some payments for big-money deals had not been made.QPR therefore refused to process the final documents needed for Chery’s move to go through until the payment had been received.Rangers fear Grant Hall could be set for a spell on the sidelines after he suffered an Achilles injury during Saturday’s defeat against Burton.And boss Ian Holloway has explained his decision to leave out Jamie Mackie and Ryan Manning, saying he was concerned about the number of matches both men have recently played in.    Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch) x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Three ways the Raiders can keep it close against the Chiefs

first_imgThe Raiders are 15-point underdogs against the Chiefs, and you’d be wise throwing your life savings on the red and white with that spread.Even without star running back Kareem Hunt, who the Chiefs released Friday after this video surfaced, Kansas City is arguably the AFC’s best team. The Raiders, on the other hand, are undoubtedly the AFC’s worst team. Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce will more than likely make the Raiders’ defense look silly all afternoon.But allow yourself to …last_img

Will an Electronic Viewfinder Help You Get Better Shots?

first_imgEVF UsabilityEVFs are most useful on bright, sunny days when glare makes monitors hard to see, or when the position of the camera makes it hard to see. If you’re shooting in a constrained environment — like the back of a car — a EVF pressed against your eye will take up a lot less room than a five-inch monitor on an arm.An EVF also adds more stability to a handheld shot because the rubber pressed against your eye adds a point of contact, making the camera less “tippy.”A final advantage of an EVF is when shooting intimate drama scenes. Because one eye is pressed to the EVF and the other closed, it’s less distracting for an actor than the operator/DP watching a small monitor just off their eye-line. Less light will escape compared to a backlit monitor, allowing the actor to focus on their scene partner.An EVF totally eliminates your peripheral vision. You’ll be dependent on other members of the crew to keep you from colliding with things. It’s never a good idea to do walking or moving shots with an EVF, unless someone you trust is spotting you, making sure you don’t get taken out by a car or walk into a low-hanging sign. In this article, we’ll examine the EVF, its usability pros and cons, and the best options for an indie filmmaking budget.Back in the glory days of film, the only way to see what the camera was seeing was by placing your eye to the eyepiece and framing up the shot. This meant that the cinematographer or operator was the only one seeing what they were capturing, giving them tremendous power on a film set.Once digital came along, with its SDI/HDMI-out cameras, the whole set could see the image in glorious high definition, color-graded, and ready for the big screen. If the PA didn’t think your ratios were right, they could point it out to the whole set, and the producer could agree with them.Cinematographers who worked in the days of celluloid love the EVF (Electronic Viewfinder), which is a tiny display inside an eyecup that only allows the person next to the camera to see what’s going on. Besides offering a one-person view of the camera’s sensor, the EVF has some key advantages and disadvantages worth noting.Camera Native vs. Third PartyEVFs on the market today break down into two camps: camera native and third party. The camera native ones, like the ARRI EVF-2 and the Canon EVF-V70, cost upwards of $6000 and have custom camera controls, as well as high-quality displays. They are, however, out of reach for most indie filmmakers. The Canon costs more than the Canon c200 Digital Cinema Camera.The third party ones, like the Zacuto Gratical and the PortKeys OEYE-3G, come in between $1000 and $2000, and connect to the camera via HMDI or SDI. They don’t add extra menu buttons or camera controls, but they give a great image and most have advanced features, like false color and peaking. The FutureEVFs definitely have their place on set, and as miniature high-resolution LED screens become cheaper — thanks in part to their use in cell phones — there’ll be more and more full-featured offerings for filmmakers of all budgets.Cover image via PortKeys.Looking for more filmmaking tips and tricks? Check these out.Bring Your Next Film to Life with The Art of the Pitch DeckWhat to Put in Your Short Film’s Mood BoardHarnessing the Power of Rehearsal for Your Films and Video ProjectsGold Mount vs. V-Mount: Which Is Your Best Choice?Tips for Getting the Smoothest, Most Reliable Handheld Footagelast_img read more

Lloyd’s Bank chess championships: Dibyendu Baruah defeats grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi

first_imgDibyendu Baruah: On his way upIt was, literally, a David and Goliath confrontation. In one corner India’s Dibyendu Baruah, 15, a comparative newcomer to international chess. In the other, Viktor Korchnoi, 60, world number two and self-exiled Russian grandmaster. Last fortnight, chess circles in the world were astonished when Baruah,Dibyendu Baruah: On his way upIt was, literally, a David and Goliath confrontation. In one corner India’s Dibyendu Baruah, 15, a comparative newcomer to international chess. In the other, Viktor Korchnoi, 60, world number two and self-exiled Russian grandmaster. Last fortnight, chess circles in the world were astonished when Baruah defeated Korchnoi in 54 moves at the Lloyd’s Bank International in London.Korchnoi was so aghast at his defeat that he did not congratulate Baruah after the game. Baruah, for his part, is now only one international norm away from the international master title and is inching his way towards earning the coveted grandmaster title, a feat no Indian has been able to accomplish so far.Baruah has been a consistently good chess player ever since he was introduced to the game at the age of five. He first drew attention to his mental skill when, while watching his father play chess with his elder brother’s tutor, he pointed out some moves his father had made which he said would lose him the match.From then onwards Baruah lived chess, encouraged by his father and passed a series of important milestones: the West Bengal stale senior chess crown at 11, tenth position in the tough national B chess tournament third position in the world under-14 championships and fifth in the world under-17 championships two years later.Mature Skill: Playing with fast maturing skill, Baruah secured the junior player award and this feat brought him his first international master norm – the youngest Indian to do so. Baruah prefers the traditional approach to openings with his own set of favoured lines like the Guico-Piano and the Petroff Defence.advertisement He depends on long-drawn out games which tend to be tough middle-game fights and difficult end-game possibilities. Baruah is rated to become a grandmaster because his play is characterised by good positional insight and a capacity to hold out against big odds.His victory over Korchnoi has not affected Baruah’s mild manner, which borders on shyness. In the Lloyd’s Bank championships, he played nine matches in all, won four, lost two and drew three. About the Korchnoi match, he said: “I thought that I would play for a draw. But he started playing attacking moves and I realised that I too would have to attack if I wanted to survive. After that it was very clear that the match would be decisive. I counter-attacked and after that both of us were under time pressure. But one thing I must add: Korchnoi did not play well in this tournament. In every match he had to fight very hard.”Though visibly thrilled, he ascribed Korchnoi’s defeat to “mistakes committed by him”, rather than better performance on his own part. There was a slight tinge of regret in his voice as he recalled that Korchnoi had not congratulated him after the game.However, he was quick to add: “For one hour after the game he discussed with me the various moves made during the play.” Baruah must also have been disappointed when, on his return to Calcutta, only his family was at the airport to receive him – motorcades and suchlike are apparently reserved for only cricketers or the occasional badminton champion.Great Aspirations: The young master is not letting that get him down, though. At the moment, he is preparing for the higher secondary examination, but is dreaming of the day when he becomes world champion. He admits, however, that this is not going to be easy.Says Baruah: “I must have the benefit of being trained by internationally renowned coaches as only then will I be able to rectify my mistakes.” For that he will need funds. The Baruahs live in a two-room apartment in a rickety building in a congested north Calcutta locality with clear evidence everywhere of a struggling existence. The father, Benoy Baruah, owns a small printing press and his business is modest.Thus money problems have always plagued the young schoolboy: his father had to buy his own ticket for the trip to London as the promised help from the West Bengal Council of Sports did not materialise. Baruah, however, received passage fare from Delhi to London and was allowed $250 (Rs 2,250 in foreign exchange). In the family’s modest circumstances, it had never even been possible to arrange any proper training for Baruah. Says he: “I learnt my chess mainly from books and magazines on the game.”Baruah’s victory over Korchnoi must have given fresh impetus to India’s chess players. In the early ’60s, Manuel Aaron had brought about a revival of the game in this country by becoming the first international master when he won the Asian zonal championships.advertisementYears later in 1978, V. Ravi Kumar won the Asian junior championships to become the second international master. R. Ravishekar joined the chosen few later. The bespectacled schoolboy from Calcutta, fresh from his giant-killing feat is set to become the first in a line of Indian grand-masters.last_img read more

Who Will Join The 3000Hit Club After Adrian Beltre

Adrian BeltreMariners281021371+111.92996 David WrightMets24122556+3.81777 PLAYERTEAMAGE2017CAREERAVG. 3K CLUB HITS AT SAME AGEDIFF. Francisco LindorIndians23106410409.5+0.5 Albert PujolsAngels378629112791.1+119.9 The young gunsFor players age 25 or lower, the difference between their career hits and hits of an average 3,000-hit club member at the same age and point in season PLAYER HITS Robinson CanoMariners349923092296.5+12.5 Players in their 20s have historically gone in many different directions. To illustrate this, let’s pretend we were writing this article 10 years ago and evaluating the players who were 30 or younger and on the best pace to reach the milestone. The 3,000-hit club is about to get bigger, as longtime FiveThirtyEight favorite and noted on-deck circle relocater Adrian Beltre gets closer to the milestone with every multi-hit game. Beltre, who notched his 2,996th hit on Wednesday, probably wouldn’t need to cross the 3,000-hit threshold to ensure his place in Cooperstown, but the achievement helps underscore just what a special player he has been over his two decades in the major leagues.Beltre’s milestone, whenever it comes, will mark the third consecutive season in which a player notched his 3,000th hit; Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees homered for his in June 2015, while the Miami Marlins’ Ichiro Suzuki smacked a triple for his 3,000th hit last August. New membership in the 3,000-hit club tends come in bunches, like when nine players1Rickey Henderson, Cal Ripken Jr., Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, Paul Molitor, Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield, George Brett and Robin Yount. joined its ranks in the 10 seasons from 1992 to 2001, so more members could be on the way.But who will be next after Beltre? Let’s take a look at a handful of candidates coming up behind him on the active hits leaderboard — plus some younger players who might join the chase — and gauge their chances against the historical pace of the average 3,000-hit club member at the same age.2Age is as of June 30 of each season. Starlin CastroYankees279712441084.7+159.3 Mookie BettsRed Sox24112555552.4+2.6 Justin UptonD-Backs191919-43.31409 Mike TroutAngels2567984725.2+258.8 At that time, Beltre, Pujols and Cabrera were in pretty good shape, but every other player that was ahead of the 3,000-hit pace or slightly behind it has since fallen short or dropped way off pace. Edgar Renteria played just four more seasons, collecting fewer than 500 more hits before calling it a career (two World Series rings were was apparently enough). Likewise, Andruw Jones would retire before the 2016 season while Carl Crawford, Jimmy Rollins and David Wright — none of whom have formally retired yet — have not yet appeared in a game in 2017.And today’s younger hit leaders might have something working against them that previous generations didn’t: Hits are harder to come by in today’s more three-true-outcomes-focused game. The 2010s have seen the fewest hits per game of any decade since the 1960s and the fourth fewest of any decade since 1900.Then again, that could be counterbalanced by the fact that this is a special crop of young talent the likes of which MLB hasn’t seen in a while. And besides, in any given season between 1961 and 2000, an average of 9.2 active players went on to eventually become members of the 3,000-hit club. So odds are good that several of the players racking up hits this season will get to 3,000 before all is said and done — they just might not be the players we’d expect. Ryan ZimmermanNationals22109308+24.21611 The 3,000-hit pace was prorated to 101 games into each player’s current-age season to match where we stand in 2017.For players who are no more than 50 hits behind the average 3,000-hit-club member at the same age.Source: FanGraphs PLAYER HITS The 3,000-hit pace was prorated to 101 games into each player’s current-age season to match where we stand in 2017.For players who are no more than 50 hits behind the average 3,000-hit-club member at the same age.Source: FanGraphs The elder statesmenFor players age 31 and up, the difference between their career hits and hits of an average 3,000-hit club member at the same age and point in season Midseason hit totals were interpolated by prorating a player’s full-season total over 101 games.Source: FanGraphs.com Elvis AndrusRangers2811413801259.4+120.6 Delmon YoungDevil Rays21116156-17.01162 Andruw JonesBraves30791635+28.11933 Eric HosmerRoyals2712210621084.7-22.7 Jeff FrancoeurBraves23117363-46.31373 The middle-agersFor players age 26 to 30, the difference between their career hits and hits of an average 3,000-hit club member at the same age and point in season After Cabrera, nobody over the age of 25 is more than 200 hits above the historical 3,000-hit pace. So, in the absence of strong veteran candidates, younger players such as Mike Trout, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper show up as decent picks for the next generation of 3,000-hit club members — if only because there’s still so much ambiguity about how their careers will turn out. There’s a decent chance that at least one player in this bunch — if not a handful — will get to 3,000 hits, though it’s difficult to say which one(s) it will be.Of course, the uncertainty involved in projecting players’ careers is still huge. Even showing up on the ahead-of-pace list for your age isn’t a guarantee of getting 3,000 hits; far more young and mid-career players fall short of making the club than make it in: PLAYERTEAMAGE2017CAREERAVG. 3K CLUB HITS AT SAME AGEDIFF. PLAYERTEAMAGE2017CAREERAVG. 3K CLUB HITS AT SAME AGEDIFF. Carl CrawfordDevil Rays25115921+195.51931 The 3,000-hit pace was prorated to 101 games into each player’s current-age season to match where we stand in 2017.For players who are no more than 50 hits behind the average 3,000-hit-club member at the same age.Source: FanGraphs Manny MachadoOrioles2491790552.4+237.6 Bryce HarperNationals24116767552.4+214.6 How quickly things can change …Players age 30 and under who were furthest ahead of the 3,000-hit pace in 2007 Adrian BeltreRangers385429962897.4+98.6 AS OF MID-2007 … PLAYER HITS Jose AltuveAstros2714111871084.7+102.3 Grady SizemoreIndians24109518-34.91098 Albert PujolsCardinals271151274+189.72911 We start with the oldest group of candidates. Right behind Beltre is Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels, who — with his 2,911 lifetime hits3Current-season numbers are accurate as of end of play on July 26, 2017. — is almost assured of reaching the milestone either later this season or early next year. And Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera is another strong candidate, with over 300 more career hits than the average 3,000-hit club member had at the same age. The only thing that might hurt Cabrera’s chances is a late-career slowdown; he’s currently suffering the worst hitting season of his major-league career.Cabrera has such a cushion that he can afford some small decline, though he’ll need to bounce back soon to stay on pace. Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners, meanwhile, is also in a down season — he’s on pace for his lowest hit total since his rookie year — and he doesn’t have much room to fall off before losing the pace entirely. After a rough July, Cano’s chances could be evaporating before our eyes. (Houston Astros designated hitter Carlos Beltran is also fourth on the hits list among active players — but with fewer than 2,700 hits at age 40, his chances are next to nonexistent.) The next set of players are theoretically in their primes, though their chances might be more complicated to predict than any other group’s. Tigers outfielder Justin Upton started his career with a flourish, recording four 150-hit seasons by the age of 26, but he also turned in a few years below that level of production and is now behind the pace. Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro has a similar story — he led the NL with 207 hits in his sophomore season, when he was with the Cubs, but has since settled into a solid pattern of racking up 150 hits per season. He’s still ahead of pace, but he might not be for long.Some of these guys are on an upward trajectory, though. Beltre’s teammate Elvis Andrus has become a hitting machine — he hasn’t dropped below 150 hits since his rookie year in 2009, and he’s on pace for more than 180 this season. Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve is having an MVP-type season; he’s on track for 226 hits this year, which would be his fourth straight 200-hit season. And Eric Hosmer of the Kansas City Royals has swung his way to within striking distance of a 3,000-hit pace this season, producing what works out to a 198-hit campaign over 162 games. Jimmy RollinsPhillies281321227-32.22455 Xander BogaertsRed Sox24103631552.4+78.6 NAMETEAMAGESEASON HITSCAREER HITSVS. PACECURRENT HIT TOTAL Edgar RenteriaBraves301021872+265.12327 Carlos CorreaAstros22104370283.3+86.7 Miguel CabreraTigers348226012296.5+304.5 Rougned OdorRangers2385460409.5+50.5 Miguel CabreraMarlins24117771+218.82601 Justin UptonTigers299414091434.4-25.4 Jose ReyesMets24119643+90.72049 read more

Riveting Weekend for the ALMI Daughters of Zion

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:abundant life ministries international, bishop coleta williams III, dauthers of zion Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 17 Nov 2014 – A riveting weekend for the Abundant Life Ministries International Daughters of Zion which over four events and three days welcomed women to speak to their 2014 theme: Identify Yourself. Speakers ranged from women in business, politics, media and ministry. Finale speaker was Bishop C Alexander Williams III.last_img

More rain in the forecast for Turks and Caicos Cruise Capital guests

first_img Cruise figures forecast to drop, says Tourism Director Related Items:grand turk, rain cruise center Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Minister of Works puts government buildings reconstruction post hurricanes at $8.6m Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 22 Oct 2015 – Skies in the Turks and Caicos remained overcast for a third straight day as the islands continue to experience heavy rain causing some flooding on parts of Providenciales. Several roads remained impassable on Tuesday afternoon, down town roads flooded, outside the airport flooded, Five Cays road also flooded, video and pictures of Tuesday’s heavy rains show several stranded vehicles. The Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies quickly sprang into action sending advisories. The Public Works Department conducted flood assessments and by Wednesday morning much of the water had receded. Cruise ship passengers in Grand Turk were disappointed we understand, they were unable to enjoy the outdoor activities due to the incessant rains and it was a blow to revenue for tourist attractions in the Capital. There will be mainly overcast conditions today for Provo, thunderstorms for Grand Turk and rain for Parrot Cay, North and Middle Caicos and South Caicos; by Friday the rain returns to Provo. RBC Team off to Grand Turk with EZ Paylast_img read more

Caribbean Conference hosted by TCI Telecommunications Commission in Providenciales

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:caribbean conference, Telecommunications Commission Telecommunications Commission marks 10 Years Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 28 Oct 2015 – The Organization of Caribbean Utility Regulators says the Caribbean needs to modernize its telecommunications, water and utility laws. Talk on legislative reform as advances in the three sectors is the main focus of a three day conference being hosted in the Turks and Caicos for the first time.At the opening ceremony of the 13th annual conference this morning, industry stakeholders highlighted the challenges facing the region in updating laws to regulate telecommunications privacy, social media, renewable energy and climate change.Bringing remarks were Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. George Lightbourne with the featured address; Governor His Excellency Peter Beckingham; Minister for Tourism Hon. Porsha Stubbs Smith; John Avery Chairman for the OOCUR and John Williams Director General for the TCI Telecommunications Commission. Nine Caribbean nations are taking part in the conference under the theme “Facilitating a Dynamic Regulatory Environment,”; it’s being held at the Key West Village, Beaches Resort. Recommended for youlast_img read more