New Airport Scanners Have Less Creepy Nakedness

first_imgGood news, air travelers: it’s now easier to hide your shame. The Transportational Security Administration this week showed of a new, more modest version of its controversial full-body scanners in that bastion of good taste, Las Vegas.The TSA finally answered the massive negative backlash over intrusive body scanners by updating the devices to feature more generic images of the person being scanned. Once in the scanner, the device’s display offers what ABC describes as a “generic, chalk-like outline of a body.” Any perceived “threat” will appear as a red box located on the outline in the position it appears on the traveler’s body.The new scanner software is currently being tested at Vegas’s McCarren Airport. Further tests will occur at Atlanta’s Hartford Jackson and Washington’s Reagan airports. If the tests prove successful, it will be tolled out to all millimeter wave machine scanners–that’s 239 of the 500 machines currently deployed in the US.last_img read more