As the New Year dawns: Guyanese speak of resolutions

first_imgAs 2018 dawns near, Guyanese seemed eager to ring in the new year with positive vibes and buoyancy. Several persons who spoke with this publication on Saturday expressed their desire to do away with the difficulties of 2017 by moving forward with optimism into the new year.Giovanna“My plans for the new year is to do better in school, go shopping with my mom, see the fireworks in the night and go up Region Five with her mom to see her family,” said nine-year-old Giovanna of Marian Academy, as she shopped with her family along Regent Street, Georgetown.Sir Campbell“Well when the new year comes, I’d like Guyana to stay up forward considering the oil system. The President and everybody should be able to do things that people appreciate… I don’t think I have personal resolutions, but I just want Guyana to be happy. I want the country to be happy,” voiced Sir Campbell as he sipped on a cold beer in the city.Ranford HarrisOn the other hand, a few persons voiced concerns over the dwindling economy and spoke on improved management of finances and expenses while others simply left it up to the Almighty (God) to do his will.“For the new year, perhaps change in vibes about what you do and how you go about doing it (managing) spending your money because this year was like a lot of expenses…to make a change in every aspect and try to improve on a lot of things that you didn’t get in this year or the previous year and into the next year,” said Ranford Harris.“For the new year, I plan to be close to God, to have a close relationship with God. When you get closer everything else falls into place so just believe and trust in him,” were the prayerful words of Glenda (only name given).However, some were not as enthusiastic and they took the opportunity to highlight issues affecting the common man and the country at large but nonetheless conveyed their hopes for the realisation of a better life for Guyanese in 2018.“Well basically what I would like to say for me is more opportunities for the youths them because life is not just about you alone. I would like to see the youths more occupied to use their lives to the full potential so all of us can inherit what is manifested in life,” Winston Franklin.“My new year resolution is really for the Government of Guyana to release the copyright laws so Guyana is protected. We been working hard, since 1955 the copyright law is being instituted in Guyana we got independence in 1966 – that is 10 years after – now is 2018 and were using the same copyright law. That is why Maduro would have done what he did the other day because we have no protection of our property so if the Government could make the copyright laws available for 2018 Guyana could get money, our country will be protected and our products will get protected also. I just want to see Guyana united. To everybody in Guyana, happy New Year and watch out for 2018!” cried Asapha of Guyana Music Affiliate.last_img read more