Slimmer PS3 console appears at the FCC

first_imgSony is not afraid to undertake major redesigns of its console hardware. It makes a lot of sense from a manufacturing cost and profit margin perspective. Typically a redesign sees the machine reduced in size due to several of the components inside being merged together, or just produced to fit in a smaller space. This is how we got the PSOne, the PS2 Slim, and most recently the PS3 Slim.New documents appearing at the Federal Trade Commission (FCC) suggest that Sony isn’t quite finished with the design of the PS3. The current PS3 Slim model carries the model number CECH-3000, but the new models is listed with the number CECH-40001x.Clearly Sony has found a cheaper way to make the machine, and the included images also show the 4000 series will be smaller. The image below shows the original PS3, the PS3 Slim, and the PS3 40001x at the front. As you can see, it has got noticeably smaller.What this means is the PS3 4000 series will require less packaging and be lighter than previous models. That in turn saves on shipping costs and after an initial bump due to a change in production, should also mean lower manufacturing costs in the long term.If your current PS3 is starting to struggle, or you just haven’t picked up Sony’s console yet, it might be worth waiting for this new model. Chances are it could allow for a further price drop, and typically Sony’s newer machines use less power, too.Read more at Eurogamer.netlast_img read more