Physicists Propose Scheme for Teleporting Light Beams

first_imgPhysicists have proposed a scheme for quantum teleportation of a beam of light, which could have applications such as in quantum computation. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. Report: Scientists ‘teleport’ two photons Citation: Physicists Propose Scheme for Teleporting Light Beams (2009, July 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from In their study, Changsuk Noh, M.J. Collett, and H.J. Carmichael from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, along with A. Chia from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, and Hyunchul Nha from Texas A & M University at Qatar in Dohar, Qatar, have proposed a scheme for teleporting a beam of light, including its fluctuations over time. They hope to show that it’s possible that a physical object (e.g. a quantum field) in one location could emerge at another location in the same quantum state, so that any conceivable measurement would yield the same result in both locations. In contrast, previous teleportation schemes do not seriously consider reproducing certain elements, such as temporal fluctuations.In their proposal, the scientists investigate using a stream of photons that are evenly spaced, or “antibunched.” Detecting the individual photons in a stream that is spaced similar to the photon stream at the input would verify teleportation of the full quantum field. The scientists wanted to find the conditions under which this detection could occur. They discover that squeezing light – a technique used to enhance precision measurements – could allow for teleportation of a quantum photon stream if the squeezing is across a broad bandwidth. “I would say that the greatest significance of our study is at the level of clarifying fundamental principles,” Carmichael told “The original proposal for quantum teleportation is conceptually simple since the quantum state considered is carried by a material object – a particle. Alice and Bob are both provided with similar particles; the state of Alice’s particle is destroyed and acquired by Bob’s. When this idea is transferred to the teleportation of light, one faces a fundamental change, because the state of no light (the vacuum) is also a quantum state, and there is an infinity of ‘objects’ (modes or frequencies of light) in this ‘no light’ state. Every one of these has to be reproduced in the same ‘no light’ state in the teleportation. Our paper clarifies the distinction and shows how to achieve the necessary reproduction.” Explore furtherlast_img read more