49ers’ George Kittle leads teammates to WWE event, chugs beer on live TV

first_imgSan Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle knows how to make a night of it. Come for the WWE, stay for the beer.Kittle, a WWE aficionado, took teammates Jimmy Garoppolo, Garrett Celek, Trent Taylor and Dante Pettis to the WWE Smackdown Live event Tuesday night according to sees-all, knows-all BANG 49ers beat writer Cam Inman.. CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the video on a mobile device Because we know you want to know: It was at the Chase Center in San Francisco …last_img

Camden power station working again

first_imgCamden adds 1 520MW to the nationalpower grid. President Jacob Zuma opened the station. Eskom has created more than 2 000jobs at the station. Brian Dames is Eskom’s new CEO.(Images: Bongani Nkosi)MEDIA CONTACTS• Eskom Media Desk+27 11 800-3343Bongani NkosiPower generating capacity has been returned to the Camden power station in Ermelo, Mpumalanga province.National power utility Eskom officially reopened the plant on 21 October, after it had been decommissioned in 1988.The coal-fired Camden was initially commissioned in 1967 and adds 1 520MW power to the national grid, Eskom said. Its eight units each generate about 200MW each and are fully operational.Camden is the first of three previously mothballed power stations in Mpumalanga to be recommissioned by Eskom. The utility decided to revive the Camden, Komati and Grootvlei coal-fired stations as part of their efforts to increase electricity supply in the country. The three went offline in the late 1980s and early 1990s as the utility had an excess of supply.Komati and Grootvlei are expected to return to full capacity in the next two years. “Returning these old power stations to service is an important mitigation measure in our energy security efforts,” said President Jacob Zuma, who was one of the speakers at Camden’s launch.Funds for the three projects, totalling R27-billion (US$3.9-billion), have been secured. Eskom invested R5.86-billion ($848-million) into the recommissioning of Camden, which, it says, is the first power station in the world to be revived after a long period of inactivity.It’s the “largest return to service project in the world” and has been successfully reconstructed to add critical power capacity onto the national grid at a fraction of the cost of building a new facility, says the utility.“It was not an easy task reopening the station considering the tight deadline, but [Eskom] delivered,” said Barbara Hogan, Minister of Public Enterprises.The station receives coal from surrounding collieries, including Sudor Coal, Thutsi, Blesbok, Imbabala, Koornfontein, Mashala, Umcebo-Middlekraal, Umcebo-Klippan, Nu Coal, and Just Coal & Mooiplaats-Woestaleen.The utility opted to ferry most of the coal to Camden by rail in a bid to reduce the number of coal trucks on the country’s roads, with a corresponding reduction in the cost associated with repairs of road damage caused by trucks. Currently, about half the coal requirement is transported by rail.Eskom is confident that Camden is environment friendly, saying that it has been fitted with fabric filter plants on all eight units.  “These plants remove almost all the dust particles in the emitted exhaust gases”.Eskom’s build programme steaming aheadEskom is under pressure to increase capacity of the national power grid to avoid an electricity supply shortage in the next years. “We need to double supply over the next 20 years,” said Eskom’s newly appointed CEO Brian Dames.The utility has admitted that it will not deliver the estimated 52 248MW that South Africa will need by 2030. It will import power from neighbouring countries, and has also invited independent power producers (IPPs) to play a significant role in generating power.“Eskom clearly cannot provide all of the power that South Africa needs,” said Dames. “We welcome and encourage the entry of IPPs into the electricity generation market.”The parastatal failed to generate enough power to match the country’s economic growth of recent decades, which resulted in greater demand, Dames noted.It’s now out to reverse the investment limits on infrastructure through its build programme adopted in 2005, and has set a budget of R385-billion ($55.6-billion) up to 2013 for expansion projects. “Our build programme is critical to ensure that we have the necessary infrastructure,” Zuma said.“The World Bank loan of US$3.75-billion (about R29-million) to South Africa in May this year has provided the government with a platform to proceed with the implementation of the build programme,” the president added.Eskom’s current power stations and power lines projects, including Komati and Grootvlei, will add about 13 000MW of power capacity to the national grid. The coal-fired 4 764MW Medupe and 4 800MW Kusile and the hydro-energy 1 322MW Ingula power stations are Eskom’s biggest projects currently under construction.The public utility is also upgrading the yield of Arnot power station, situated in eMalahleni,  Mpumalanga, from 2 100MW to 2 400MW.Both Grootvlei and Komati are partially operational. Four of the six units at Grootvlei Power Station have come online, Eskom said, while the remaining two units should return to service in the next few months.Three of the nine units at the Komati power station are running well, according to the utility, while the remaining six units will return to service within the next two years.About 4 453.5MW power capacity has been added to the national grid since the introduction of the build programme.Eskom plans to grow its capacity to 80 000MW by 2026. “We have some of the world’s largest expansion projects,” said Dames.The group said it will reduce the dominance of coal-fired power stations through more reliance on nuclear and renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power. It has planned solar and wind plants for construction in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces.last_img read more

Ohio Legislature set to reconsider CAUV bill

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio Legislature is once again considering a bill regarding Ohio’s current agricultural use valuation (CAUV) program. CAUV permits land to be valued at its agricultural value rather than the land’s market or “highest and best use” value. Senator Cliff Hite (R-Findlay) introduced SB 36 on February 7, 2017. The bill would alter the capitalization rate used to calculate agricultural land value and the valuation of land used for conservation practices or programs. The bill has yet to be assigned to a committee.The content of SB 36 closely mirrors the language of a bill meant to address CAUV from the last legislative session: SB 246. Introduced during the 131st General Assembly, SB 246 failed to pass into law. SB 246 proposed alterations to the CAUV formula which are identical to those proposed by the current bill: SB 36. According to the Ohio Legislative Service Commission’s report on SB 246, the bill would have proposed changes that would have led to a “downward effect on the taxable value of CAUV farmland.” The likely effect for farmers enrolled in CAUV would have been a lower tax bill.Due to the similarity between the two bills, the potential impacts of SB 36 on the CAUV program will likely be comparable to those of the previous bill. The proposed adjustment of the capitalization rate is likely to reduce the tax bill for farmers enrolled in CAUV. More specifically, the bill proposes several changes to the CAUV formula:States additional factors to include in the rules that prescribe CAUV calculation methods. Currently, the rules must consider the productivity of the soil under normal management practices, the average price patterns of the crops and products produced to determine the income potential to be capitalized and the market value of the land for agricultural use. The proposed legislation adds two new factors: typical cropping and land use patterns and typical production costs.Clarifies that when determining the capitalization rate used in the CAUV formula, the tax commissioner cannot use a method that includes the buildup of equity or appreciation.Requires the tax commissioner to add a tax additur to the overall capitalization rate, and that the sum of the capitalization rate and tax additur “shall represent as nearly as possible the rate of return a prudent investor would expect from an average or typical farm in this state considering only agricultural factors.”Requires the commissioner to annually determine the overall capitalization rate, tax additur, agricultural land capitalization rate and the individual components used in computing those amounts and to publish the amounts with the annual publication of the per-acre agricultural use values for each soil type.To remove disincentives for landowners who engage in conservation practices yet pay CAUV taxes at the same rate as if the land was in production, the proposed legislation:Requires that the land in conservation practices or devoted to a land retirement or conservation program as of the first day of a tax year be valued at the lowest valued of all soil types listed in the tax commissioner’s annual publication of per-acre agricultural use values for each soil type in the state.Provides for recalculation of the CAUV rate if the land ceases to be used for conservation within three years of its original certification for the reduced rate, and requires the auditor to levy a charge for the difference on the landowner who ceased the conservation practice or participation in the conservation program.To read SB 36, visit this page. For more information on previous CAUV bills, see our previous blog post.last_img read more

Apple’s App Store Is Getting Punked By A Mysterious Maker Of Crude Games, And We Don’t Know How They’re Doing It

first_imgThere’s something weird going on in Apple’s App Store.Last week, I called attention to Dental Surgery, an unbelievably bizarre iPad app, which had somehow risen to become one of the most popular free apps in the store. Within hours, it was gone. This week, a new app called Nose Surgery found its way in the top ten, apparently from the same developer using a different name. What’s the deal? To its credit, Nose Surgery is considerably more playable and less spammy-looking than Dental Surgery was. The latter was apparently yanked by Apple due to trademark infringement because, as one diligent ReadWrite commenter pointed out, the game borrowed names and likenesses from a show on Nick at Nite. Nose Surgery doesn’t appear to steal anyone’s intellectual property, but it’s still pretty weird. Like Dental Surgery and other games produced by this developer (who goes by various names in the App Store), Nose Surgery is very crudely designed with cheap-looking graphics and simplistic, often odd gameplay. And like Dental Surgery, Nose Surgery is loaded with negative, one-star reviews from users, most of whom are baffled by the game. What’s most striking about these games is not just that they’re crappy and sort of strange. It’s that they’ve managed to occupy the App Store’s list of top ten free apps, a coveted achievement that most app developers only dream of. It’s an honor currently shared with the likes of YouTube, Angry Birds, Skype and Google Earth. Sure, there are plenty of games toward the top of the charts, some of which are pretty banal, but nothing quite as crummy or bizarre as these surgery simulation apps.  When I first came across Dental Surgery, I thought, “Oh, Gawker or some tech blog clearly wrote about how bizarre this is. That’s why it’s the third most popular free app for iPad.” That wasn’t the case. In fact, other than my story last week, none of these crude, weird games have gotten any press coverage. Something else is up.  Gaming The App Store For Fun and ProfitOne way or another, these guys are gaming the system. Not unlike Web search engines, app store rankings can be influenced using everything from white hat optimization techniques to sketchy paid services that artificially inflate downloads and positive reviews. That’s nothing new. In fact, it’s been going on long and aggressively enough that Apple had to explicitly decry the practice earlier this year, threatening to the revoke developer program memberships of anybody caught doing it. With the launch of iOS 6, Apple introduced a number of new measures designed to thwart spammers and make these ranking manipulation techniques less effective. The names of in-app purchases, for example, now weigh less in App Store searches, eliminating a common source of spammy tactics. Apple has also decreased the value of an app’s total number of downloads, making it less fruitful to utilize third party schemes that try to drive rankings by driving bogus installs.So who’s the developer behind Nose Surgery and Dental Surgery? It’s hard to tell. Apple lists the developer as Florene Mitchell (it used to be Maura Thompson), and the “App Support” button links to a MyLife.com profile for Ms. Mitchell who appears to be a 78-year-old woman from Wilson, North Carolina. It’s theoretically possible that people are downloading Nose Surgery out of some morbid curiosity. Maybe there’s some contingent of iPad-toting cosmetic surgeons-in-training who love slicing up nostrils on a touch screen, as a fun form of pseudo-educational preparation. I highly doubt it, though. Getting an app into the top ten is no small feat to accomplish once, let alone twice. Something is definitely up. Have you noticed anything fishy in the iOS App Store lately? Let us know in the comments.  Tags:#gaming#iPad#ipad apps Related Posts What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfacescenter_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology john paul titlowlast_img read more

NAB 2019: Deity Finally Releases Their New 2.4Ghz Wireless System

first_imgImages via Deity Microphones.Looking for more from NAB 2019? Check out these articles.NAB 2019: Blackmagic Design Announces New Battery Grip for the BMPCC4KNAB 2019: SmallHD Announces Their Camera-Controlled 7″ MonitorNAB 2019: Sony Announces the Latest 4K Broadcast BeastNAB 2019: AVID Announces Stellar New Media ComposerNAB 2019: DaVinci Resolve 16 There’s no release date for Deity Connect, yet. However if you want to be notified first, you can sign up here.Receiver SpecsChannel – Up to 18 ChannelsFrequency – 2.4GhzAntenna – SMADual True DiversityReceiving Sensitivity – -83/-86dBmAudio Output Connector – Dual Locking 3.5mm TRSAudio Delay – 19msAudio Distortion – ≤0.5%Signal to Noise Ratio – ≥67dBFrequency Response  – 50Hz-20KHzDisplay Type – 1.3″ OLED DisplayLithium Ion Rechargeable BatteryBattery Life – 10hrsBattery Recharge Time – 70 minutes via USB QuickCharge 2.0/3.0Mounting Options – Cold shoe mount & Magic tapeDimensions – 113mm*87.4mm*33.5mmWeight -248gTransmitter SpecsChannel – Up to 18 ChannelsFrequency – 2.4GhzLimiter – AnalogLow Cut – 75Hz / 150HzHigh Frequency Boost – 7Khz-20Khz Boost @ +1dB stepsAntenna – SMAMute Switch – YESAudio Input Connectors – Locking 3.5mm TRSAudio Delay – 19msAudio Distortion – ≤0.5%Transmitting Power – 10mW/25mW/50mW/100mW/AUTORange – Up to 100m / +300ftSignal to Noise Ratio – ≥67dBLevel Control – 21dB to -51dBDisplay Type – 1.3″ OLED DisplayLithium Ion Rechargeable BatteryBattery Life – 10hrs @ 100mw RF OutputBattery Recharge Time -70 minutes via USB QuickCharge 2.0/3.0Mounting Options – Belt clipDimensions – 92.8mm*63mm*26mmWeight – 148gMicrophone SpecsFrequency Response – 50Hz-20KHzDirectivity – Omni-directionalCapsule Type – Pre-Polarized CondensorSensitivity – -40±2dB re 1 V/Pa @ 1kHzDynamic Range – 110dBMaximum Input – -40dBMic Head Size – 19.2mmH x 10.4mmW x 10.4mmDPower Requirements – 1.5-3VCable Length – 1.6mWhat’s Inside the Box2x Deity BP-TXDeity DUO-RX2x XLR – 3.5mm Cables2x LavaliersDSLR Locking Audio CableDUO-RX Sync CableUSB-C Charging cable2x Transmitter Antenna2x Reciever Elbow Antenna2x Foam Wind Screen2x Lavalier Tie-ClipsWaterproof Hardcase with Custom Foam InsertCold Shoe to 1/4″20 AdaptedUSB-C to USB Type-A Firmware Update Adapter Deity continues their winning streak by releasing their first wireless audio recording system, on full display at NAB 2019.One of the fastest-growing companies in recent memory (thanks to some help from Aputure), Deity Microphones has been putting out some stellar products lately. Their most recent release, the V.Lav, was an impressive addition to their lavalier lineup — and a welcome product for many filmmakers. So, with NAB in full swing, Deity has finally released their staggering 2.4Ghz wireless system. Connect was first announced back in September, 2018, but the system is now on display and ready to rock at NAB with an actual release date of April 16th.In case you want a refresher, here’s what Deity has said about the new product:We wanted to create a transmitter that would be truly unique and different. Its compact form factor makes it perfect for hiding under outfits. With a run time of 10hrs @ 100mw and a recharge time of less than an hour, the BP-TX is ready for a full workday.Image via Deity.Deity has also pitched us the idea of their “Adaptive Frequency Hopping” and by that they mean the following:Deity Connect divides time into so-called time-slots, during which the transmitter and receiver operate on the same RF channel and the Transmitter emits one packet. The duration of a time-slot is 1.5 msec. Deity Connect uses an advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping protocol that actually uses 4 core channels and 5 trail channels that it will test out and look for better channels than its 4 core channels. During each hop into a time-slot, the system sends 1 or 2 packets of data. At any given time, the BP-TX is hopping between the 9 different frequencies in a pattern. And because Deity Connect is a bi-directional transceiver system that is always scanning, mapping out the whole 2.4Ghz frequency band and coordinating its signal, it can plan ahead the 70 frequency hops.So if you’re like me, who does not know a whole lot about audio (I’m like, “What does this mean?”), Deity goes on to explain:WiFi and Deity’s Protocol are opposites. WiFi operates much like a rolling shutter in pulses and slows down the pulses to accommodate other signals and other devices on the 2.4Ghz band. Deity’s Protocol takes advantage of the passive nature of WiFi protocol and bosses it around by injecting itself between these pulses. And while it doesn’t just outright blast WiFi and stop it from working, it coordinates its time-slot hops with the pulses of all the WiFi devices around it. This allows for our signal to not get stepped-on nor stopped for other traffic. In layman’s terms, WiFi can be thought of as a beta signal and Deity’s Protocol can be thought of as an Alpha signal setting the pulse rhythm for all the 2.4Ghz traffic in the area.In even simpler terms, Adaptive Frequency Hopping is like a motorcyclist who is lane splitting during heavy traffic on a highway. Sliding in and out of lanes causing the cars to slide aside to make room when the motorcyclist buzzes by them. We are lane splitting using up to 9 lanes on an 18 lane highway.last_img read more

1st Test: Mohammad Amir’s five-wicket haul jolts West Indies on rain-hit day

first_imgPakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir got his first five-wicket haul in tests since returning to international cricket from a spot-fixing ban as the West Indies progressed to 278-9 in the rain-hit first Test on Saturday. (SCORECARD)Rain and a wet pitch permitted only an hour’s play in the second session, and the rain returned to wash out the rest of the day.Amir, back on the international scene for 15 months, took the only two wickets on the second day to have 5-41 so far.Captain Jason Holder, on 55 not out, completed his fifth Test half-century before rain forced the players off the field. No. 11 batsman Shannon Gabriel was unbeaten on 4.Overnight rain seeped through the covers at Sabina Park and left wet patches on the bowler’s run-up and pitch, preventing any play before lunch.A brief shower after lunch added to the delay, and when play finally resumed, Holder and Devendra Bishoo, on 28, frustrated Pakistan’s fast bowlers with the second new ball for nearly eight overs.Resuming from 244-7 overnight, Holder and Bishoo stretched their eighth-wicket stand to 75 runs as the West Indies captain reached his half-century off 60 balls with six fours and two sixes. He notched his fifth Test fifty in style when he lofted debutant seamer Mohammad Abbas for a straight six.Amir struck in successive overs. He first found a thin edge of left-hander Bishoo’s bat, and clean-bowled Alzarri Joseph for a duck off a full-pitched delivery.Less than two overs later, the day was done.last_img read more

The Patriots Super Bowl Path Is The Easiest In Modern NFL History

1Patriots2017Titans77.2%Jaguars71.0%54.8%? 21Bills1990Dolphins64.4Raiders61.639.7✓ Generic Team’s Chances Note that the Pats’ situation this year — with several upsets leading to easier-than-expected playoff matchups — is a pretty common thread across all of these smooth-sailing runs from the past. Being lucky enough to face a low-seeded opponent in one or both conference playoff games is a major advantage, and it’s no coincidence that eight of the nine teams below New England on the list above went on to represent their conference in the Super Bowl.In these topsy-turvy AFC playoffs, that’s not exactly guaranteed for the Pats, despite their seemingly straightforward path to Minneapolis. Jacksonville was one of the most inconsistent teams in football this season, so it’s difficult to predict which version of the Jags will show up Sunday. If it’s the one that torched the Steelers for 45 points last weekend, New England’s relatively unimpressive defense could be in real trouble.But the odds are that Brady, Belichick and company will punch that return ticket to the Super Bowl. And if they do, they can be thankful that one of the softest playoff red carpets ever was rolled out in front of them. The generic team has an Elo rating of 1646, which is used to generate probabilities against each opponent.Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com 2Eagles2004Vikings75.6Falcons72.254.6✓ 15Saints2009Cardinals69.4Vikings60.942.3✓ 7Patriots2011Broncos81.4Ravens57.046.4✓ 9Giants2000Eagles67.2Vikings66.044.3✓ 20Patriots2012Texans64.7Ravens61.439.7 23Bills1991Chiefs62.4Broncos63.339.5✓ 3Bears2006Seahawks74.6Saints72.754.2✓ 12Jaguars1999Dolphins74.1Titans58.343.2 The Patriots’ Super Bowl cakewalkThe teams with the easiest roads to the Super Bowl, based on how their opponents would have fared against a generic conference finalist 1990-2017 Game No. 1Game No. 2 25Dolphins1992Chargers62.6Bills61.338.4 17Eagles2002Falcons70.9Buccaneers57.941.0 22Steelers2001Ravens61.9Patriots63.839.5 16Eagles2003Packers59.9Panthers69.841.8 11Steelers1994Browns65.0Chargers66.643.3 5Steelers1995Bills74.2Colts69.951.9✓ 14Bears2010Seahawks84.3Packers50.842.8 18Seahawks2014Panthers70.5Packers57.540.5✓ 19Redskins1991Falcons67.7Lions59.640.4✓ 10Patriots2016Texans76.2Steelers56.943.4✓ 13Vikings1998Cardinals80.2Falcons53.743.1 On Sunday, the New England Patriots will make their 12th AFC Championship Game appearance under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and the legendary coach/QB combo will be gunning for a record eighth Super Bowl appearance together against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Cut through all the drama, the speculation about Brady getting old and questions about the Pats’ defense, and it has been a pretty vintage championship-caliber season in Foxborough: another year, another seemingly effortless trip to the Super Bowl.They’ve had a little help, though. According to our Elo ratings, which estimate a team’s strength at any given moment, the Pats will have faced the easiest pair of opponents of any conference title-game participant with a first-round bye since 1990 (when the NFL established its current playoff structure). Given who they’ve played, it would have been much more surprising for New England to not make the Super Bowl than to return to it for a third time in four seasons.For one thing, the AFC was exceptionally weak this year. In inter-conference play during the regular season, NFC teams went 41-23 against their AFC counterparts, which was the second-best record for one conference against the other in a season since 1990. (Only the 2004 season, in which the AFC went 44-20 against the NFC, saw a wider split.) As a result, the AFC playoff field contained only two teams with more than 10 regular-season wins, as opposed to five in the NFC. That meant a path was already forming for the top-seeded Pats to sail through to another Super Bowl.Then a few key upsets boosted New England’s advantage. First, the Tennessee Titans toppled the Kansas City Chiefs in the wild-card game, setting up a huge divisional-round mismatch at Gillette Stadium. According to Elo, the Pats were favored by 12, since Tennessee rated at 1499 — below the league average rating of 1505 — even after knocking off K.C. That made it the third-most lopsided divisional matchup since 1990, trailing only the Pats vs. the Tim Tebow Broncos in the 2011 season and Minnesota vs. Arizona in 1998. The Titans hung with the Pats for about a quarter, but New England eventually dropped 35 unanswered points on Tennessee and rolled to victory.The next day, another upset further cleared the way for New England. The Jaguars went into Heinz Field and took a quick 28-7 lead over the stunned Pittsburgh Steelers, then hung on for a 45-42 win. Elo had only given the Jags a 24 percent chance of winning — even lower than Tennessee’s chances at Kansas City — and it still only ranks Jacksonville as the 12th-best team in football, below five teams that were knocked out of the playoffs and three that didn’t even make it to the playoffs.Just like that, the two AFC teams Elo thought had the best chance of beating the Pats going into the playoffs — the Chiefs and the Steelers — were gone, and in their place were a below-average team and another that doesn’t rate much higher. According to Elo, New England is a 10-point favorite to beat Jacksonville, with an 81 percent chance of winning the Lamar Hunt Trophy yet again.If we multiply together the Patriots’ pregame odds of beating the Titans (85 percent) with that of the Jaguars (81 percent), we could say they had a staggering 69 percent chance of making the Super Bowl before they ever played a game. (This is assuming we’d somehow know that both of their opponents would pull off the upsets they did.) That’s easily the best number for any conference title-game participant since 1990.Of course, some of that is also because the Patriots are a very good team; they went into the playoffs with the sixth-best Elo of any Pats season since the Brady Era began in 2001. We shouldn’t penalize them for being so darned good that they created some of their own easy path. There’s an easy fix for this, though. We can swap out the Patriots’ Elo ratings for a generic rating of 1646, which represents the average for all conference title-game teams since 1990, and then recalculate the odds of reaching the Super Bowl against the opponents a team faced.For our generic NFL “final four” team, that requires multiplying together a 77 percent chance against the Titans and a 71 percent chance against the Jaguars, which gives a 55 percent Super Bowl probability. In other words, that number represents the relative ease of any good team making it through the Pats’ specific path to the Super Bowl — and it’s the easiest of any championship-game entrant since 1990. 4Patriots1996Steelers68.7Jaguars77.853.4✓ 24Cowboys1995Eagles70.6Packers54.638.5✓ 8Bills1993Raiders73.8Chiefs61.145.1✓ TeamSeasonOpponentWin %OpponentWin %Super Bowl %Made SB? 6Packers2007Seahawks68.6Giants67.746.5 read more

Jury finds Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty in 2015 death of

first_imgJury finds Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty in 2015 death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco Updated: 3:30 PM November 30, 2017 , Posted: November 30, 2017 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN FRANCISCO (KUSI) — A jury reached a verdict Thursday in the trial of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican citizen and undocumented immigrant charged in the 2015 killing of Kate Steinle in San Francisco. According to CNN, the jury found 54-year-old Garcia Zarate not guilty of homicide charges, but he was convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm.The handgun belonged to a Bureau of Land Management ranger who reported that it had been stolen from his parked car in San Francisco a week before Steinle was shot.Prosecutors called Steinle’s father as their first witness.Through tears, with a packed courtroom hanging on every word, Jim Steinle recounted the final moments of his daughter’s life after she was shot.He told the court that he and a family friend were visiting his daughter and they went for a walk on the popular waterfront.The elder Steinle said he heard a loud “bang” and his daughter collapsed in his arms, saying “’help me, Dad.’”Jim Steinle said her eyes were closed and she had trouble breathing.”I couldn’t figure out what was wrong,” he said, choking back tears. “She didn’t have any health problems.”He rolled her on her side and discovered a bullet hole with little blood. Paramedics arrived and she was later declared dead at a hospital.Garcia Zarate had acknowledged shooting Steinle in the back. He has said he was handling the handgun when it accidentally fired.Garcia Zarate had been deported five times and was homeless in San Francisco when he shot Steinle. He had recently completed a prison sentence for illegal re-entry to the U.S. when he was transferred to the San Francisco County jail to face a 20-year-old marijuana charge.The shooting touched off a political furor during last year’s presidential race, with President Donald Trump citing the killing of 32-year-old Steinle as a reason to toughen U.S. immigration policies.last_img read more

Riviera River Cruises to debut new solo itineraries in 2020

first_imgRiviera River Cruises to debut new solo itineraries in 2020 Travelweek Group <> Posted by Thursday, May 30, 2019 center_img FAIRFIELD, CT — Solo travellers have more options to choose from with Riviera River Cruises, which has just announced three new solo traveller itineraries for next year, plus 2020 departure dates for four existing solo itineraries.On these cruises dedicated entirely to solos, guests will enjoy Riviera’s five-star ships featuring spacious cabins and suites and expert-led excursions without paying a single supplement.“As interest in solo travel has grown in recent years, we’re proud to be the only European river cruise line offering departures exclusively for guests who are on their own – on these cruises, that means single occupancy in every cabin and suite across the ship, with no single supplement,” said Marilyn Conroy, Riviera River Cruises’ Vice President Sales and Marketing North America. “Guests will enjoy luxurious accommodations and fine dining while on board, as well as fascinating excursions into classic cities and lesser-known towns, all at an exceptional value.”More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyRiviera debuted solo traveller itineraries on the Danube and Rhine Rivers in 2018 in response to growing demand for solo cruises. It has since added new itineraries and departure dates on a regular basis. In 2020, a total of seven solo traveller itineraries will be available.The new itineraries are:• The five-day ‘Amsterdam, Kinderdijk & the Dutch Bulbfields’ starting at US$1,389 per person, departing March 30• The eight-day ‘Seine, Paris & Normandy’ starting at $2,959 per person, departing March 31• The eight-day ‘Medieval Germany’ starting at $2,999 per person, departing Oct. 24Other solo departures include:• The eight-day ‘Blue Danube River Cruise for Solo Travellers’ starting at $2,079 per person, with departures on March 30, April 3 and Nov. 2• The eight-day ‘Burgundy, the River Rhone & Provence River Cruise for Solo Travellers’ starting at $2,679 per person, departing April 2• The eight-day ‘Rhine, Strasbourg & Heidelberg River Cruise for Solo Travellers’ starting at $2,459 per person, departing Oct. 31• The eight-day ‘Douro, Porto & Salamanca River Cruise for Solo Travellers’ starting at $2,729 per person, with departures on Nov. 8 and Nov. 13More news:  Beep, beep! Transat hits the streets with Cubamania truckThe single-supplement-free departures aren’t the only option solo travelers have with Riviera River Cruises. Additionally, a limited number of cabins is available single-supplement-free on every Riviera departure throughout the year.For more information go to https://www.rivierarivercruises.com/solo-traveler-cruises or call 1-888-838-8820. Share Tags: Riviera River Cruiseslast_img read more