Editorial: Black community must be more united

first_imgWhile crass remarks allegedly made by the US president about Haitian and other black immigrants are revolting, deserving criticism it has attracted, these remarks should be cause for the black immigrant community to be introspective.Don’t be marginalized The first thing the community must be determined to do, is not let the disparaging remarks marginalize it. Immigrants from any country with an overwhelming black population should allow themselves to be offended because neither do they know of any, nor do any of them come from, “Shithole” countries.Reference may have been made to Haitians and Africans coming from these unknown “SH” countries, but it’s apparent the reference was directed to immigrants from black populated countries, generally. This was apparent because preference was expressed for immigrants from white populated countries like Norway.Black immigrant community must be introspectiveOne of the reasons why the black immigrant community should be introspective is because it’s far from being a cohesive community.  Frankly, there’s too much hypocrisy and prejudices that permeates this community. While the community is criticizing the president for his obviously ignorant remarks, black people from other countries have openly criticized, and acted prejudicial towards Haitians. It’s no secret that some ignorant people within this community are guilty of referring to Haitians, especially poorer Haitians, in similar vulgar terms. Stop casting negative aspersionsIt’s too common in the black immigrant community for people from one country, to cast negative aspersions and negative labels on those from other countries. There’s a weird sort of nationalist diversity existing within this community that needs urgent attention.  White racists hatred of blacks is universal, notwithstanding the country from which blacks originates.  All in the same boatImmigrants from various mostly black populated countries came to the US on different ships, but now are all in the same boat.  While there’re forces in the US trying to sink that boat, the community must be emboldened to save the boat. The same hands that are determined to deny Haitians extended TPS, may seek to reduce benefits to Caribbean nationals who are not citizens, and ban African Muslims from entering the US.When one nationality in the black immigrant community is targeted, other black migrants must be prepared to react.  The tide can turn against them in short notice.Unfortunate Haiti is targeted It’s, however, unfortunate that Haiti has been included in the mysterious “SH” countries recently described. It’s even more painful that in the same meeting in which that ignorant remark was made, it was reportedly asked, “Why do we want people from Haiti here?”   Haiti has a very impressive history for which it always seems to be paying a high price for. It’s the first nation that successfully revolted against slavery and oppression in the Caribbean.  The resulting Republic of Haiti established on January 1, 1804, was the first nation of free black people, co-existing with nations like the US that were determined to keep black people enslaved. Haiti has been perpetually marginalized by other Western empires since 1804.  Scant economic assistance has been offered to Haiti;  making it difficult for the proud nation to cast off the curse of poverty.Remarkable resilienceDespite the challenges, Haitians who remained in Haiti, and those who migrated, have developed remarkable resilience. Haitians in South Florida are renowned to be industrious, hard-working people. They pay taxes, are law abiding, artistic, creative, cultural people, firmly interwoven into the South Florida community.Like most other Black immigrants coming to the US, Haitians have focused on improving their educational and job skill levels. They too are in the US to better their lives and know that advancement in education is the best way for a better life.Absurd argumentTo say Haitians, and other black immigrants, are a drain on the US economy is absurd.  The US economy would be seriously hampered were it not for black immigrant workers who fill critical, labor intensive jobs most Americans refuse.  Hotels, restaurants, and farms, are successful because of immigrant workers.  Moreover, today, educated, talented black immigrants function at the supervisory, managerial and executive levels of several companies. South Florida’s medical sector is bolstered by a large component of black immigrant medical personnel.Must be a formidable communityDespite threat of overt racism, the black immigrant community must be entrenched as a formidable community albeit consisting of people from different countries.  While the community mustn’t take benefits derived from America for granted, it should strive to make its contribution to America indispensable. Members of the community must also remain committed to the development of the countries from which they originate, remaining vigilant that these  countries, or their people, are never described by anyone in such crass, vulgar and ignorant terms.last_img read more

Improved Independence Parade highlights Barbados 52 Independence anniversary

first_imgAn escalated annual Independence Day parade will highlight the celebration of Barbados’ 52nd anniversary on Friday, November 30.This year, as it was on the 50th anniversary in 2016, the parade will be held at the iconic Kensington Oval.Mottley administration first celebrationThis is the first celebration of independence under the Mia Mottley administration which was elected earlier this year, and she intends to make it a memorable event. Planning this year’s celebration, Mottley decided Barbadians would celebrate Independence Day. She decided the annual parade would involve greater participation by people of all walks of life whether watching, attending, or actively participating in the parade.“We Barbados”Entitled “We Barbados”, the parade will travel through Bridgetown onto Heroes Square then to Kensington Oval. The government estimates some 11,000 people will attend the event, including 5,000 school children from across the island.The parade is planned to include over a thousand people, including community groups, sporting and cultural icons, life-sized portraits of national heroes, vendors serving traditional Barbadian items, students taking part in cultural activities and a special guest performance by The General, Edwin Yearwood.More than a paradePrime Minister Mottley said beginning from 8:00 am on Friday, Nov 30 Barbadians at home or abroad will witness via live stream  “more than a parade” in celebration of the country’s 52nd Independence anniversary.Last week, on her Instagram page, Mottley extended ”a personal invitation to all Barbadians to converge on Kensington Oval on Friday, November 30th to celebrate our 52nd anniversary of Independence. This year it will be more than just a parade.”  Following the parade. She’ll present her official national Independence-Day address.The Independence Parade was traditionally held at the Garrison Savannah or in the Bridgetown Port.  History of Barbados independence November 30 commemorates the enactment of the Barbados Independence Act 1966, that granted the island independence from Great Britain.From its history as a British (sugar) Colony from 1627, Barbados secured self-government under the British in 1949.   From 1958 to 1962 Barbados was a member of the West Indies Federation. That Federation collapsed in 1962 with Barbados reverting to self-governing colony status.However, under the leadership of Eric Barrow, Father of the Nation, negotiations commenced in June 1966 for political independence from Britain. Ultimately, the island was granted independence on November 30, 1966, and Barrow became the first prime miinster of the nation.last_img read more

Broward County Gives Update on Canceled Events & County Operations

first_imgBroward County Public Schools will temporarily close effective, Monday, March 16Miami-Dade County Public Schools will temporarily close effective Monday, March 16.Palm Beach County Public Schools will temporarily close effective Monday, March 16.The 17th Judicial Circuit Court has canceled jury duty for the weeks of March 16 and March 23. If you are currently serving on a jury, you should continue your service unless otherwise ordered by the judge. For questions about jury duty, call 954-831-7051. Other court operations are normal.The National Hockey League has paused the 2019-2020 season, and no hockey games will be played at the local BB&T Center until further notice. There are numerous rumors and unfounded claims circulating on social media about COVID-19. Watch for official public service announcements coming soon from the Board of County Commissioners.Key points to remember, as proffered by the FDOH and CDC, are: Mayor Dale V. C. Holness BROWARD COUNTY – The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) continues to confirm additional cases of COVID-19 in Broward County. On Friday, March 13th, there were 11 cases, with five cases associated with Port Everglades.Broward County remains under a local State of Emergency and the Emergency Operations Center is partially activated, at a Level 2. Containment actions and preventive measures are critical to stopping the spread of the virus.Broward County is working with the Supervisor of Elections office and the Florida Department of Emergency Management to ensure proper hand sanitizing measures are in place so that residents feel comfortable going to polls to vote in the Tuesday, March 17 Presidential Preference Primary and future elections.Early voting will continue at designated libraries through March 15 as planned.On Thursday, the Florida Director of Emergency Management advised “that municipalities cancel all major gatherings in their jurisdictions, until further notice.” The County is following suit.After careful consideration, Broward County has CANCELLED the following events and activities in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community: The 18th Annual Water Matters Day, scheduled for this Saturday, March 14 at Tree Tops Park in Davie has been canceled and a rescheduled date has not yet been determined.All libraries programs have been canceled until further notice; however all our Libraries remain open and all services are available. If you have any questions, call your Library.The last two weekends of the Renaissance Festival, March 14-15 and March 21-22, at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, have been canceled.The Animal Care rabies clinic scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 9AM to Noon at the Former Pompano Shelter in Pompano Beach has been canceled.The Office of Economic and Small Business Development (OESBD) has canceled two upcoming events: the Janitorial Services at FLL Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Meet & Greet on March 19th and the Jacobs Engineering Meet & Greet on March 24th. OESBD is converting many of their workshops and technical assistance training sessions over the next two weeks into webinars and YouTube videos so that businesses can continue to receive assistance. For more information, visit Broward.org/EconDev.center_img Several Parks events for the weekend of March 14-15 have also been canceled or postponed. For Broward County’s full list of cancellations, please visit Broward.org/CoronaVirus.Aside from these cancellations, Broward County is maintaining its normal business operations. Residents are reminded that many Broward County services are available online, including property tax payments, which are due April 1. For the fastest and most convenient way to pay your tax bill, visit Broward.county-taxes.com.Other closures you may wish to be aware of include: Practice good personal hygiene and maintain a healthy lifestyle.Practice “social distancing.” Read MoreIf you are sick, stay home. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing and/or severe illness), call the Florida Department of Health at 954-412-7300 BEFORE visiting your health care provider, and follow their instructions.Be cognizant of the fact that our seniors are among the most vulnerable. Take steps to help protect the elderly from the spread.Wash your hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, using antibacterial soap and hot water. Use hand sanitizer containing at least 60 percent alcohol if soap and hot water is not available.DON’T TOUCH your face or directly touch public surfaces such as handrails, elevator buttons, restroom faucets, gasoline pumps, etc.last_img read more

HMRC provides more detail on freeplay taxation changes

first_img Related Articles Share StumbleUpon UKGC hails ‘delivered efficiencies’ of its revamped licence maintenance service  August 20, 2020 UKGC launches fourth National Lottery licence competition August 28, 2020 Submit Winning Post: Swedish regulator pushes back on ‘Storebror’ approach to deposit limits August 24, 2020 Share The UK tax authority HMRC has declared that it intends to implement new regulations relating to industry free bets, bonuses and ‘discounted’ gaming.Updating the industry, HMRC detailed that the government would proceed with a ‘slightly revised option’ of its initial proposals in its incoming 2017 ‘Finance Bill’ in which it aims to reduce stakeholder burdens, whilst still achieving its ‘original aim of levelling the playing field’.HMRC’s original consultation launched this summer addressed the idea of amending the definition of ‘free bets’ and ‘prizes’, as the authority wants operators to account for duty on discounted wagers placed by UK consumers. HMRC further states that gambling operators will not be able to hide taxable duty through ‘freeplays’ and free bets awarded as prizes or marketing costs for customers.HMRC explained the rationale behind the changes: “This will ensure where a customer makes use of an offer that allows them to gamble for free, or at a reduced rate, the operator will, in certain circumstances, be required to account for duty on the amount that the consumer would have paid without the offer.“The definition of ‘prizes’ will also be amended to ensure that operators cannot use the value of freeplays given as prizes to reduce their dutiable profit. These changes will have effect for accounting periods that begin on or after 1 August 2017.”The UK government aims to add these amendments for the accounting periods beginning 1 August 2017, with all UK licensed gambling operators set to comply with the new regulations regardless of product or vertical.In its document, the authority details that the new regulations could help generate an additional £45 million in tax revenue during the 2017-18 financial year, with a target of £110 million by 2020-21.“This measure is intended to bring the tax treatment of freeplays for remote gaming more into line with the treatment for free bets under GBD,” HMRC detailed in its industry statement. “The costing includes a behavioural effect to account for a change in the marketing strategy of affected operators as well as the potential for firms finding ways to mitigate the impacts of the measure.“The impact on individuals and households in the UK is expected to be negligible as this measure is not expected to have a significant impact on the availability, price and payouts of remote gambling.”last_img read more

#bofcon2017 – New innovation and the impact of automation on trading

first_img Paolo Personeni, Managing Director of Managed Trading Services at Betradar, has predicted that “voice activated sports betting is around the corner”.Speaking at Betting on Football 2017, Personeni was part of a panel discussing the evolution of the trading floor, the increased use of algorithms to define odds and the presence of more data which “means automation will become generally more accurate and attuned”.Personeni expressed doubt over the notion that traders may become extinct within the next few years, by suggesting they would just be “applied in different areas”.GVC Holdings, Group Trading & B2B Director Jim Humberstone said that there has been a “gradual change in the role of the trader over the last few years”, and that more automation on the trading floor has dictated that he is now hiring more customer risk profilers than traders.Humberstone also cited the outright market in football betting as “completely inefficient” and an example of a “follow the market mentality” within the industry.Meanwhile, Danske Spil Head of Sportsbook Jens Nielsen defined his company’s pyramid approach of using automated models to put the foundation of its operations in place, while retaining the ability to be flexible around local sports, a point of difference for the state-owned operator.Nielsen also stressed the risk involved with “trusting the biggest market line without your own opinion”, and the need to follow mathematical models meticulously to check for leaks, particularly in niche areas such as Esports.Finally, Gaming Innovation Group Managing Director Christopher Langeland attracted a few closing questions from the audience after claiming that the “Asian sports betting market is getting smaller”.The session, which formed a key part of the second day Trading & Operations Track at #bofcon2017, was moderated by Betsson Co-Founder and Oddslife Advisor Chris Duncan. Danish FA backs Danske Spil’s Safe Play campaign August 24, 2020 Danske Spil calls for esports makeover with Pinnacle Solution August 25, 2020 Share Related Articles Submit GVC hires ‘comms pro’ Tessa Curtis to re-energise media profile  August 25, 2020 StumbleUpon Sharelast_img read more

Gambling Commission on the hunt for new CEO

first_img SBC Awards: The key to an effective submission August 28, 2020 Kansspelautoriteit enters into MoU with Malta Gaming Authority August 28, 2020 Submit Share Related Articles John Williamson to oversee UK Tote Group’s international growth August 28, 2020 StumbleUpon Share The UK Gambling Commission is looking for a new CEO after Sarah Harrison revealed she will be leaving the Commission at the end of February 2018 to take up a senior role with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.Neil McArthur, the Commission’s Chief Counsel and Executive Director, will be appointed by the Commission as Acting Chief Executive with effect from 28 February 2018 until the regulator can secure a full time successor.Chairman of the Commission Bill Moyes stated: “The Gambling Commission has set an ambitious agenda and clear priorities for treating customers fairly and making play safer and our new three-year strategy embeds this approach for the future. Sarah’s impact has been significant in shaping this direction of travel. I and my Board colleagues wish Sarah every success for the future and look forward to continuing to work with her to deliver this agenda over the next few months.”Harrison stated: “I am proud of the work that all at the Commission have delivered together. I am very confident that as the Commission delivers its new strategy it will go from strength to strength and will continue to make gambling in Britain fairer and safer.”Harrison was the regulator’s second CEO after replacing Jenny Williams, who had been in the role for 10 years previously. Despite just two years in the role, Harrison has left her mark with a real ramping up of consumer rights in particular and a series of huge fines to operators.last_img read more

6 of the Best – GVC’s Martin Lycka

first_img TAB NZ announces new executive team to lead new racing era August 27, 2020 Soft2Bet continues new market drive with Irokobet launch August 26, 2020 This week’s 6 of the Best comes from Martin Lycka, GVC’s director of regulatory affairs.Read on to discover two very contrasting entries in the movie category, sporting dilemmas and a very different take for a best bet.Best HolidayWithout a doubt, New Zealand 2017 – a bunch of friends travelling halfway across the world and back to a fairy tale like land full of the most cheerful people you would ever come across. One of my mates managed to negotiate the whole 2 and 1/2 holiday with just hand luggage.Best AlbumCall me old school but the answer is Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles – timeless! Best Sporting ExperienceAny visit to a rugby game at Twickenham is out of this world atmosphere wise … having said that, where I’m originally from in the Czech Republic ice hockey is the religion, so the five league titles my team have won during my lifetime (so far) are definitely up there … as a Patriots fan I can’t complain either (the top experience: the 34-28 comeback win in Super Bowl LI).Best FilmI might be the first man ever to be prepared to publicly admit that I’ve seen Love Actually about 25 times; nonetheless, my all time favourite is Ridley Scott’s Gladiator … “my name is Maximus Decimus Meridius” (you know the rest) … Best BookDefinitely not a law book … Ken Follett and George R.R. Martin are very good “friends” of mine when it comes to choosing a book to read. Nonetheless, the best book I’ve ever read (one of the very few I’ve read twice) is Malevil by a French author called Robert Merle. Best Bet The Best Bet I’ve ever made was to relocate from my home country to London and start working in the gambling industry; don’t remember anymore though what the odds were back then. Share Share Related Articles StumbleUpon Martin Lycka – Regulatory high temperatures cancel industry’s ‘silly season’ August 11, 2020 Submitlast_img read more

Five join the Senet Group to promote responsible gambling

first_img FSB selects Glenn Elliott as new COO August 12, 2020 SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Share Submit William Hill accelerates transformation agenda to overcome COVID realities August 5, 2020 In a move to improve industry-wide collaboration and tackle problem gambling Aspers, Caesars, Genting, Playtech and the Rank Group have joined UK responsible gambling body Senet Group.The five will sit on the Senet Group’s quarterly CEO forum, which currently offers advice to the group’s Board and independent chairman, Gillian Wilmot. They join GVC (Ladbrokes Coral), William Hill, Paddy Power Betfair, SkyBet and Scotbet who are already listed as funding partners.Sarah Hanratty, chief executive of the Senet Group, commented: “With a great many initiatives and projects underway across the gambling industry, aimed at understanding and reducing problem gambling, the sector needs to improve its ability to collaborate on the development, testing and sharing of interventions which work.“Senet is doing its part in leading and facilitating collaborative projects, and I am delighted that our new partners have chosen to recognise the importance of collective leadership on safer gambling.”The new members will work alongside other members to strengthen the group’s development and improvement of industry standards pertaining to advertising, while also running player messaging campaigns under the “when the fun stops, stop” tagline.On behalf of the new funding partners, John O’Reilly, CEO of Rank Group, added: “This is a significant statement of intent from all five companies who share the view that responsible gambling should be at the heart of our businesses.“The Senet Group is well placed to deliver an ambitious programme of work, and today’s announcement further strengthens the industry’s wider commitment to ensuring a safer gambling environment can be enjoyed by all customers. There is a lot to do, an appetite to do it, and we are delighted to be adding our collective muscle to the Senet Group’s work.”Since its creation, the Senet Group has set out to provide and improve initiatives which support those dealing with problem gambling behaviours. Alongside this, the group also runs Moses, the self-exclusion scheme for UK high street bookmarkers. StumbleUpon Share Related Articleslast_img read more

Kenneth Alexander underlines long-term GVC leadership commitment

first_img GVC absorbs retail shocks as business recalibrates for critical H2 trading August 13, 2020 Share GVC hires ‘comms pro’ Tessa Curtis to re-energise media profile  August 25, 2020 Martin Lycka – Regulatory high temperatures cancel industry’s ‘silly season’ August 11, 2020 Kenneth Alexander, Group Chief Executive of FTSE gambling group GVC Holdings, has underlined his long-term commitment to the company by purchasing £5 million worth of shares.GVC’s leader confirmed that he had acquired 833,000 shares at a purchase price of 588.17p – the transaction sees Alexander increase his total shareholding in the firm to approximately 2.5 million shares.Issuing a short statement, Alexander commented: “The purchase of £5m worth of shares demonstrates my conviction that GVC’s strategy and long-term outlook will provide shareholders with strong returns, as supported by the continued positive momentum in the results we announced last week.“I am confident in the regulatory outlook in Germany and the UK, and in the group’s opportunity to take a leading position in the US market. I remain totally committed to GVC for the long-term.”Alexander had come under investor criticism during Q1 2019 trading for offloading a combined 3 million of shares at a presumed discounted price of 666p, a transaction undertaken alongside former company chairman Lee Feldman.A number of GVC Investors criticised Alexander and Feldman’s actions, stating that the executives had displayed a lack of confidence selling their GVC shares at a discounted price.At present, GVC is searching for the company’s next Chairman, afterFeldman confirmed last March that he would end his tenure with the FTSE gambling group. Submit Related Articles Share StumbleUponlast_img read more

The end of the one-stop solution for sports betting?

first_img Altenar: Supporting expansion plans in Denmark and Portugal August 20, 2020 The preference for a ‘one stop shop’ solution amongst operators is a thing of the past says Altenar COO Dinos Stranomitis, who added that it is now modern practice for B2C betting and gaming businesses to choose specific elements from different B2B providers.Speaking to SBC News at ICE London, he said that Altenar will continue to specialise in providing a sports betting solution, both to new clients and to an existing pool of partners now including KTO Apuestas, SVL in Jamaica and Lottoland.“I remember years ago a few big software companies were trying to get a one-stop shop for everything,” said Stranomitis. “But this is now gone. I think more and more, operators are trying to find companies that specialise. It is modern practice to choose specific elements from different providers. “What we try to achieve is mainly to specialise in the sports betting solution, because we have seen companies that try to cover the whole spectrum of tools and do everything without much success. Losing focus is probably not such a good idea, whereas on the other hand focusing on specific items works much better.”He also suggested that SVL in Jamaica had switched to the Altenar sportsbook in 2019 because the network’s previous provider had “missed the train of modernisation”, before adding that sports betting in Jamaica is a lead to the country’s established lottery business.“The Jamaican product is a lead to lottery – for us a key project that we pay a lot of attention to,” he explained. “It is a fantastic market, not a big volume but one with a great profit.”Stranomotis also discussed his company’s diverse spread of new clients, from setting the standard in Colombia with Wplay to entering other emerging territories across Latin America, launching with Lottoland and servicing new clients in both Italy and Sweden. He said: “It’s a big mistake if, for example, someone believes that Colombia and Peru are the same thing. Brazil is also different to the extent that you need a different approach overall. Argentina is waiting for licences and no-one knows what will happen.“Every country is different, but eventually, sometimes it is important to find the right people. It’s not necessarily about nationality, but more the mentality. If you find the right people to work with, sometimes the country is irrelevant.” Submit Altenar increases global scale with new sports betting platform May 14, 2020 Global Gaming adds sportsbook extension to Ninja property August 25, 2020 Share Related Articles Share StumbleUponlast_img read more