$50M gift from the Blavatnik Family Foundation

first_imgThe Blavatnik Family Foundation, headed by Len Blavatnik, M.B.A. ’89, has donated $50 million to Harvard University. The gift will launch a major initiative to expedite the development of basic science discoveries into new breakthrough therapies for patients and cures for disease. The gift underpins Harvard’s growing commitment to creating an entrepreneurial culture in the life sciences.Support for early-stage research and new inventions is vital to bridge the most challenging obstacle in university technology development, known as the “development gap” — the period of validating and building value around early-stage technologies, making them ripe for partnering with industry. The Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator will identify early-stage, highly promising technologies, upgrade their value, and prepare them for licensing and commercial development.The gift will also create the Blavatnik Fellowship in Life Science Entrepreneurship Program at Harvard Business School (HBS) to provide M.B.A. students with experience in life science entrepreneurship through exposure to the biomedical projects supported by the Accelerator.Len Blavatnik, a longtime supporter of Harvard and a widely respected business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, is well known for his interest and investments in the nexus between scientific innovation and business. Through the Blavatnik Family Foundation, he has supported leading educational, scientific, cultural, and charitable institutions throughout the world, including the University’s original 2007 Biomedical Accelerator Fund.“By partnering with Harvard’s world-class biomedical research division, I am delighted to help accelerate the development of new therapies,” said Blavatnik. “Moreover, by increasing the collaborative efforts between Harvard Business School and Harvard’s scientific community, we will empower the next generation of life science entrepreneurs and provide a further catalyst for innovation and research development.”In welcoming the $50 million gift, Harvard President Drew Faust highlighted Blavatnik’s commitment to innovation and transformational science. “Len Blavatnik’s passionate support of entrepreneurship and science as forces for progress reflects the forward-thinking leadership that will allow Harvard and others to develop promising new technologies that benefit society as a whole,” said Faust. “The Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator and the integrated cross-university partnership it enables will advance the next great breakthroughs in biomedical technology, with its roots at Harvard.”HBS Dean Nitin Nohria added, “By bringing together expertise and experience from across Harvard, the Accelerator and the HBS Fellows program will further enhance Harvard’s commitment to innovative research and entrepreneurship. With student interest in entrepreneurship at an all-time high and with the resources of the University’s Innovation Lab and HBS’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at the ready, we are well positioned to make the most of this generous gift from the Blavatnik Family Foundation.”The Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator will be operated within the University’s Office of Technology Development. It builds upon the success of the first Biomedical Accelerator Fund — created five years ago by Isaac T. Kohlberg, the University’s senior associate provost and chief technology development officer — which was also funded in part with support from the Blavatnik Family Foundation. The original Accelerator Fund has funded 37 projects, half of which are already advancing through alliances with biopharmaceutical partners or the creation of new companies. The expanded Accelerator program will focus particularly on therapeutic opportunities. It is structured to become self-sustaining, ensuring that over the long term, Harvard will remain at the forefront of life science research.“The Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator will enhance the value proposition of early-stage technologies and expedite the flow of Harvard inventions through key developmental milestones and into the marketplace,” said Kohlberg. “Some of the most important therapies and technologies in existence today originated from alliances between academia and the life sciences industry, and we look forward to many more in the years ahead.”last_img read more

First two women join the full-time firefighting force at the Notre Dame fire department

first_imgAfter the Main Building caught fire 140 years ago, Fr. Edward Sorin started what evolved into the University fire department. This past summer, the University hired the two first full-time woman firefighters — Christi Shibata and Michelle Woolverton.Women have served in other capacities at the department, on-call and part-time, but never full time. In addition to administrators, staff and technicians, currently 12 personnel serve on the 24-hour shift rotation in teams of four. There are also 40 on-call personnel. Shibata started as an on-call firefighter at Notre Dame last year, as she was training at the Clay Fire Academy in South Bend. Woolverton said she started as an on-call EMT in 2010, while going through the paramedic program at Ivy Tech. She also graduated from the fire academy before getting a full time position at Notre Dame with building services. She served as an on-call firefighter for eight months to a year before being hired on as a full-time firefighter at the University. “It’s just been an amazing experience,” Woolverton said. “Everyone here has been so welcoming and so supportive … I mean, it starts from the top and goes all the way down. The guys here, we make a great team.”Chief Bruce Harrison said he was impressed with both Shibata and Woolverton, who he saw as a good fit for the University’s identity and values. “There’s no doubt I celebrate the diversity, and the culture that Notre Dame [would want] the fire department to reflect that. It’s an important piece of the University’s identity, but in this particular case, what I really feel is that we we look for qualified candidates,” Harrison said. “We didn’t give Michelle and Christie an opportunity. They earned the opportunity to do the job.”Shibata’s and Woolverston’s transition to the team, along with two other individuals hired during the same period, was “seamless,” Harrison said.Shibata said the other firefighters on the force don’t treat her differently because of her gender. “They treat us as rookies, or new to the fire service of course because we do have a lot to learn still, but they have accepted us in, as they expect us to do the same job as any other one coming in,” Shibata said. The team shows each other respect, Shibata said.“They respect us and show us the respect that we deserve, knowing that we earned the position,” Shibata said. Woolverton said she thinks their addition to the force challenges the team to think differently, to understand how they think. “I think we all make really good teams,” Woolverton said. “We all have strengths that we, I think, we pull out of each other.”Harrison said he hopes the addition of Shibata and Woolverton is inspiring to others. “If this even serves as an opportunity to let any child feel like they could join a fire department when they grow up, it’s all worth it,” he said.Harrison said the University fire department serves the whole tri-campus area.“Our job is to serve our community needs and do that to the best of our ability,” Harrison said. “The employees here have a very, very large dedication to the mission here at Notre Dame and serving their community’s needs to the best of their ability.”He said all firefighters must demonstrate strong work ethic but also heart, as the job often requires working with people who have suffered great losses.“I look at [the job] as a privilege and an honor, and you’re looking for people that reflect that kind of mentality,” Harrison said. Tags: Father Sorin, firefighters, Notre Dame Fire Departmentlast_img read more

In Memoriam

first_img In Memoriam Joel Reginald Black, Ocala Admitted 1963; Died June 21, 2005 Craig S. Boda, New Port Richey Admitted 1981; July 20, 2005 Joseph C. Cerio, Jr., Holly Hill Admitted 1973; Died Sept. 24, 2003 William K. Chester, West Palm Beach Admitted 1950; Died June 1, 2005 Anthony D. Cipollone, Hackensack, NJ Admitted 1980; Died Nov. 27, 2003 Diana J. Elmes, St. Petersburg Admitted 1997; Died March 11, 2001 Andrew T. Gerrits, Ft. Lauderdale Admitted 1982; Died Aug. 6, 2005 Jose A. Gonzalez, North Miami Beach Admitted 1978; Died Dec. 19, 2004 Stephen Patrick Hoban, Mineola, NY Admitted 1985; Died Dec. 20, 2004 James Richard Hooper, Orlando Admitted 1983; Died July 1, 2005 Daniel A. Japour, Jacksonville Admitted 1952; Died March 9, 2005 Joseph F. Jennings, Miami Admitted 1950; Died Oct. 24, 2004 Richard Jemson Jones III, Tampa Admitted 1980; Died Sept. 17, 2004 Byron Johnson, Rochester, NY Admitted 1973; Died July 3, 2005 Leonard J. Kalish, Miami Admitted 1946; Died July 2, 2005 Vernon R. Keiser, Brandon Admitted 1960; Died Oct. 10, 2001 James K. Kerr, Jr., Jacksonville Admitted 1952; Died Feb. 6, 2000 Allen Kornblum, Boynton Beach Admitted 1954; Died July 9, 2005 Louis J. Kotlikoff, Haddonfield, NJ Admitted 1984; Died Jan. 14, 2005 Jerry Larotonda, Miami Admitted 1953; Died Sept. 24, 2003 Stuart I. Levin, Miami Admitted 1982; Died June 26, 2005 Robert Edward Levy, Boynton Beach Admitted 1979; Died May 5, 2005 Jerome Linet, Hollywood Admitted 1952; Died March 13, 2002 Douglas Harry MacArthur, Miami Admitted 1982; Died Nov. 12, 2004 Julio E. Manguart, Miami Admitted 1980; Died June 28, 2004 Bernard Marcus, Potomac, MD Admitted 1950; Died April 30, 2001 David Myron McAfee, Palos Park, IL Admitted 1974; Died Feb. 19, 2005 C. Lanny McCullers, Lutz Admitted 1962; Died Oct. 11, 2000 Luis F. Mendez, Coral Gables Admitted 1972; Died May 3, 2005 Aaron P. Metzger, Carle Place, NY Admitted 1982; Died July 8, 2003 Arthur Clements Moller III, Miami Admitted 1973; Died Dec. 18, 2004 Charles R. Murray, Miami Admitted 1961; Died June 13, 2000 F. Bay Neal III, Ponte Vedra Beach Admitted 1989; Died Aug. 10, 2000 Charles H. Netter, Miami Admitted 1949; Died June 18, 2003 Thomas C. O’Bannon, Melrose Admitted 1960; Died Dec. 20, 2004 Fred A. Ohlinger, Weirsdale Admitted 1975;Died Sept. 18, 2004 John Joseph Ogilby, Jr., Miami Admitted 1984; Died Jan. 2, 2003 T. Truett Ott, Osyka, MS Admitted 1948; Died May 14, 2005 Mercedes Padin, Aventura Admitted 1992; Died April 25, 2005 Eduardo Perez-Casalduc, Guaynabo, PR Admitted 1961; Died Oct. 19, 2000 Homer Shelton Philips, Largo Admitted 1963; Died May 22, 2005 Marvin D. Pliskin, Bay Harbor Islands Admitted 1955; Died Dec. 11, 2004 Jean B. J.Porter-Gabler, Cape Canaveral Admitted 1991; Died July 10, 2005 Anthony Thomas Randall, Haslett, MI Admitted 1977; Died May 2, 2005 Robert W. Rawlins, Ormond Beach Admitted 1957; Died April 16, 2005 William A. Raymond, Newberry Admitted 2003; Died 2004 Jerome S. Richman, Miami Admitted 1967; Died May 15, 2005 Michael Rifkin, Chapel Hill, NC Admitted 1976; Died June 14, 2005 Howard P. Rives, Clearwater Admitted 1949; Died June 5, 2005 Raymond J. Ryan, Jr., Saginaw, MI Admitted 1992; Died June 17, 2005 John Hayes Shapiro, North Miami Admitted 1964; Died June 14, 2005 Richard Lucius Shaw, Miami Admitted 1958; Died May 29, 2005 Earl Lytle Scales, Weirsdale Admitted 1970; Died March 23, 2005 Salvatore C. Scuderi, Marco Island Admitted 1971; Died April 7, 2005 Robert L. Shevin, Miami Admitted 1957; Died July 11, 2005 Joseph L. Shields, Havana Admitted 1974; Died June 16, 2005 Thomas Edward Shine, Melbourne Admitted 1968; Jan. 14, 2005 James Evans Slater, Bradenton Admitted 1973; Died May 26, 2005 Michael E. Somers, Long Beach, CA Admitted 1964; Died Dec. 26, 2004 Richard S. Sparrow, Sarasota Admitted 1953; Died April 17, 2005 A. L. Waldo Stockton, Jacksonville Admitted 1948; Died March 23, 2005 Thomas R. Tedcastle, Tallahassee Admitted 1977; Died Aug. 2, 2005 Arthur Earle Teele, Jr., Miami Admitted 1973; Died July 27, 2005 Herbert J. Teller, Knoxville, TN Admitted 1952; Died May 19, 2003 Howard C. Tompkins II, Brandon Admitted 1996; Died April 30, 2005 Fred J. Ward, Dania Beach Admitted 1956; Died April 16, 2005 Richard P. Warfield, Pensacola Admitted 1949; Died July 29, 2005 Charles M. Welch, Ormond Beach Admitted 1980; Died June 3, 2003 Samuel K. White, Vero Beach Admitted 1981; Died Sept. 11, 2004 Annette E. Williams, Maitland Admitted 1965; Died Jan. 1, 2004 Charles Ross Wilson, Lake Park Admitted 1953; Died Dec. 18, 2003 Daniel M. Wozniak, Melbourne Admitted 2002; Died July 21, 2005 Jack Perry Wyatt, Jr., Islamorada Admitted 1953; Died Oct. 24, 2004 Joseph D. Zamore, Shaker Heights, OH Admitted 1977; Died June 3, 2005 Carl J. Zarcone, Tavernier Admitted 1952; Died June 20, 2004 In Memoriam September 15, 2005 ron Johnson In Memoriamlast_img read more

Govt targets village funds program to speed up aid to 8 million poor families

first_img“I’ve instructed the villages to rapidly channel the funding, and subsequently submit the data on the beneficiaries to cities or regencies,” Abdul said.The central government estimates that 3 million to 5.23 million Indonesians may lose their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, while some 1.89 million to 4.89 million people may fall below the poverty line as the health crisis brings economic activity to a standstill.It plans to increase spending on village fund cash assistance to Rp 31.8 trillion after previously allocating Rp 21.2 trillion.The government will provide Rp 600,000 per month for three months to families that meet certain criteria, such as having a family member who has lost their job and not having received assistance via the Family Hope Program (PKH) or the staple-food card program. An additional Rp 300,000 may be provided to families for another three months.Topics : The government aims to complete the disbursement of the BLT Dana Desa (village funds unconditional cash transfers) to around 8 million families this week, as a part of its efforts to protect households at greater risk of falling into poverty amid the COVID-19 outbreak.Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar said on Tuesday that 73 percent of the total 74,953 villages in the country had channeled some Rp 3.48 trillion (US$242 million) in cash assistance to around 5.8 million families so far.The remaining 27 percent of villages, on the other hand, had yet to distribute the money because of, among other reasons, the sluggish process of data synchronization at the upper administration level. The minister has therefore instructed the villages simply to disburse the money to the families they had already identified to expedite the process.last_img read more

Financially literate members take more equity risk

first_imgImproving financial literacy will increase savings rates and raise the level of equity exposure pension fund members are willing to take on, according to a US researcher from Wellesley College.Presenting the findings from a paper he co-authored at a retirement conference hosted by Vienna Economic University (WU), Seth Neumuller argued that “large gains” to returns were still possible if the financial literacy of people in their 30s and 40s was improved.Neumuller’s paper, ’Financial Sophistication and Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle’, published together with Casey Rothschild in June this year, also examined how the older age groups had accrued sufficient assets to actually make investment choices.However, he warned  that encouraging “unsophisticated investors to save for retirement using tax incentives may create significant deadweight loss”, because it could encourage the wrong kind of saving patterns. In his research, Neumuller blamed a lot of wrong investment choices on what he termed “meta-uncertainty”. “Less sophisticated investors get lower quality assets and are uncertain about which assets they get,” he noted.As they were aware of this, it decreased their willingness to invest or they choose less risky assets.His sample showed that more sophisticated investors had 36% more wealth by retirement and “enjoy 17% more consumption annually” than unsophisticated investors because of higher returns on their portfolios.However, in in a later debate on the paper, David Robinson from the US National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), cited his own research on people overestimating their financial literacy.He agreed that meta-uncertainty lowered wealth through a reducution in market participation.But in a survey he did on the networking platform LinkedIn in July 2015, he found people that had modest financial literature scores thought they were more educated than their ratings implied. “The level of meta-uncertainty is lost on these persons.”For example, he found that people that overestimated their financial literacy were more likely to “get answers wrong than say they don’t know” and they also were more likely to reject financial advice.Another factor influencing savings’ behaviour was the way information was displayed, according to Maya O. Shaton from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.She examined how the Israeli authorities decision to stop retirement funds displaying one-month returns had affected people’s choice in funds.Since 2010, private retirement funds in Israel have only been allowed to display returns for a 12 months period or longer.According to the research published in the paper “The Display of Information and Household Investment Behavior” (November 2014) the  “allocation to riskier retirement funds by households increased after the regulatory change.Overall, however, the trading volume decreased by approximately 38%.“As 12-month returns are smoother these can impact households’ perception of losses and the retirement funds’ risk profile,” Shaton argued.She added this “relatively low-cost” regulation was “less paternalistic than telling households what to do”.Shaton stressed “failure to recognize the effect of the display of information on investors might lead to granting unwarranted power to the party disclosing information”.The significance of investor choice for future wealth was underlined by findings from another paper by Javed Ahmed, Brad Barber and Terrance Odean entitled “Made Poorer by Choice” (2013).The findings showed that almost all US workers selecting their own investment option in a private retirement account (PRA) were in the end worse off than those only getting money from the pay-as-you-go Social Security system.Ahmed argued that investor choice was an “underappreciated, emergent risk in private alternatives to Social Security”.last_img read more

Gold Coast A-frame house attracting plenty of interest

first_imgFrom the air: the property has 18.5m of water frontage. The property overlooks the waterfront.The A-frame house at 63 Kalimna Drive is on the waterfront and offers skyline views.“Whether to renovate or knock down and rebuild this is the opportunity you’ve been searching for,” the listing states.In original condition, the three-level four-bedroom house features wooden floors, high ceilings and steeply-angled walls.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa16 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoIt also has open-plan living and dining areas, an alfresco entertaining area, a pool and spa.Ray White Broadbeach — Mermaid Waters agent Conner Malan said he had interest in the property from both developers and renovators. 63 Kalimna Drive, Broadbeach Waters — would you renovate or knock down this waterfront house?IS this the ultimate Gold Coast renovator?A deceased estate has hit the market at Broadbeach Waters and it’s attracted plenty of interest from prospective buyers. Inside: sloping walls are paired with wooden floors. “It’s mainly interest in the block,” he said.“It’s north-facing with 18.5m of water frontage.“It looks more likely that it will be knocked down but I do have groups interested in renovating it as well because it’s super unique.”The property is going to auction on June 16.CoreLogic data reveals house values in Broadbeach Waters have jumped almost 60 per cent over five years to a median of $1.1 million. BUYERS PAYING MORE TO SECURE COAST PROPERTY LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURYlast_img read more

Pent-up buyer demand drives speedy sales as agents urge home sellers to list now

first_img MOST IN DEMAND SUBURBS FOR HOUSES FOR SALE IN BRISBANE IN MAR/APR 2020 5. Newmarket 3. 20 Colington St, Mansfield, 10 offers made, sold in 3 days for $660,000, Ray White Mt Gravatt 4. 16 Tarawill Cres, Ferny Hills, 17 groups through, 3 offers made, sold in 4 days, Coronis Arana Hills 1. 1/30 Jordan St, Greenslopes sold in 3 days for $640,000, Place Kangaroo Point 2. 45 Narellan St, Arana Hills, 16 groups through, 1 offer made, sold in 3 days, Coronis Arana Hills 7. Camp Hill 5. 25 Warraba Ave, Wavell Heights, sold in 5 days prior to auction for $1.3 million, Ray White Albion 6. 36 McKie Cr, Cannon Hill, sold in 7 days for $769,000, Place Bulimba 6. New Farm 1. Chandler 2. Shorncliffe First homebuyer Tamika Eastley at her apartment in South Brisbane which she bought sight unseen while on holiday in the UK. Photo: Annette Dew.PENT-UP buyer demand and a shrinking property pool is fuelling a surge in speedy sales across Brisbane, with some hungry home-hunters going to great lengths not to miss out.The latest data from realestate.com.au has revealed searches for Queensland properties online is up a remarkable 45 per cent on the same time last year, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, and the number of inquiries is 31 per cent higher than a year ago.According to the listings site, househunters are most keen to buy in the suburbs of Chandler, Mount Gravatt and Coorparoo on Brisbane’s southside, and Shorncliffe, Newmarket and New Farm on the city’s northside, but it’s slim pickings out there. This lack of stock is leading to a rise in sight unseen and cash unconditional sales from buyers scared of missing out.Place Estate Agents managing director Sarah Hackett says it’s a smart time to sell.Place Estate Agents managing director Sarah Hackett said there had never been a better time to sell a property, with listings down significantly and buyer demand still strong.“There are 65 per cent less homes on the market compared with 2019,” Mrs Hackett said.“Banks are offering the lowest interest rates fixed for three years, multiple offers are keeping prices stable and there’s motivation from buyers to upsize their houses now that so many people are working from home.”Ray White Paddington sales agent Judi O’Dea recently inked five deals in 10 days and said sellers should not hold off listing their properties. “What I’m seeing is a good, strong 50 per cent of buyers are still out there just waiting to buy, especially family homes, and we are trying to say to sellers; ‘have a listen and have a look at this’,” Ms O’Dea said.“We may potentially see homes flooding the market down the track, so if you’re waiting to sell your property, that might be the wrong move.”Data from realestate.com.au also shows homes are spending less time on the market than they were a year ago, while buyer activity is increasing every week. Mike and Mandy Goddard with their children Max, 3, Christian, 1, and Jesse, 1, recently bought their home in Ashgrove after relocating from Sydney during COVID-19. Image: AAP/Josh Woning.Across Australia, properties were listed for a median of 52 days in April, compared with 60 days for the same period in 2019, despite the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions.“While the connection between buyer inquiry and transactions is not an exact one, it does show greater intent to purchase than searches alone,” Realestate.com.au chief economist Nerida Conisbee said.“There are many factors driving this uptick including a relatively low number of active COVID-19 cases, a stable banking system, incredible levels of government stimulus, and importantly, the gradual opening of the economy.”Coronis Arana Hills sales manager Tamika Kent said that she had had an increase in buyer inquiries in recent weeks and good numbers through the first open homes since restrictions had eased last weekend.center_img “We weren’t sure what to expect and while we did have a number of properties with no attendees, others received fantastic results around southeast Queensland,” she said.In Ferny Hills, a home at 16 Tarawill Crescent had 17 groups through, three offers and sold after only being listed for four days.This house at 16 Tarawill Cres, Ferny Hills, sold in just four days through Coronis Arana Hills.“We’re definitely seeing strong buyer inquiry and confidence in the market, which is great news for the industry and goes to show it’s not all doom and gloom at the minute,” Ms Kent said.The latest report from property valuers at Herron Todd White found that local agents are also reporting increased interest from interstate buyers, particularly from Sydney, viewing homes via virtual inspections and making offers without seeing the property in person. “Many probably see Queensland as carrying less risk given how high prices are in the New South Wales capital,” the report states.Mrs Hackett recently sold a luxury home at 30 Harris St, Hawthorne, to a Melbourne buyer sight unseen for $1.6 million, and Michael Hatzifotis of Place Kangaroo Point just sold an apartment to a first-time buyer who was overseas on holiday and only seen the property online. This house at 30 Harris St, Hawthorne, has sold for $1.6m to an interstate buyer sight unseen.Tamika Eastley said she was in the UK when Mr Hatzifotis called to let her know he’d found a property she might be interested in. “I was pretty specific about what kind of property I was looking for, so when the agent said he had found something, I trusted that he had,” Miss Eastley said. “I viewed the property virtually and it made me feel like I was there.”She said initially buying the one-bedroom apartment in South Brisbane virtually seemed nerve wracking.“But I got sent a lot of pictures and videos of every angle of the property, so to be honest, it really wasn’t as scary as I first thought it would be,” she said.“I think it was an opportune time to purchase because there is uncertainty in the market so I was able to secure a good price for the property. If you’re in a position where you have a reasonable level of job security, it could be a really good time to buy.”This house on acreage at 483 Gold Creek Rd, Brookfield, has just sold sight unseen.Ann Karyn Fraser of Place New Farm also just sold an acreage property at 483 Gold Creek Rd, Brookfield, sight unseen to a family in Canberra.Ms Fraser said the buyers saw the video of the property online on the Thursday and then requested a virtual tour.“By Sunday, we were discussing contract terms and by Monday night, it was under contract.”Ms Fraser said she was receiving strong inquiry for high-end properties from expats looking to return to Brisbane in a year or so.And the uncertainty imposed by the coronavirus doesn’t seem to be affecting serious buyers.Universal Buyers Agents director Darren Piper introduced the local buyer of a three-bedroom apartment at Cutters Landing that has just sold for $3.29 million through Matt Lancashire of Ray White New Farm.This three-bedroom apartment at 1442/22 Refinery Pde, New Farm, has sold for $3.29m.Mr Piper said the buyer made a cash unconditional offer for the luxury unit at 1442/22 Refinery Parade, New Farm, and saw the COVID-19 pandemic as a good opportunity to buy.“The serious buyers are definitely active at the moment,” Mr Piper said. “These are the buyers who will benefit and buy extremely well.”Mr Piper said he was dealing with clients at all price points and those buyers sitting on their hands would miss out on the best deals. “Savvy investors are certainly out in force, and while there is some uncertainty around the rental market softening, investing in property should be viewed as a long-term plan,” he said.A family relocating from Sydney just bought this house at Ashgrove.Mike and Mandy Goddard recently relocated from Sydney after buying a house in Ashgrove with the help of Mr Piper, despite the uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus.Mr Goddard said housing affordability was the main factor for the move.“We looked in Sydney for probably six months and we found some (properties) but it would have meant pushing my commute to work out by 1.5 hours to 2 hours, and the place we would have got would have needed a lot of renovations,” Mr Goddard said.“Now, it’s going to be a 25 minute bike ride for me to work, and it’s fully renovated so we don’t need to touch anything.“We were still a bit worried about moving and doing that on top of two weeks in quarantine!” Herron Todd White has found sale prices also seem to be holding up in the face of the pandemic, despite a significant drop in new property listings and sales volumes. Herron Todd White residential director David Notley said there was no sign of Brisbane property prices dropping yet.“There’s no evidence to suggest any softening in values at this point in time, so there are purchasers out there who are still buying, and with limited stock, we’re still seeing a bit of competition,” Mr Notley said.REA chief economist Nerida Conisbee.“From what we’re seeing and hearing in the market, there are more qualified buyers coming through, who have their finance in order and are ready to go.” More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus9 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market9 hours agoREA Group executive manager of economic research Cameron Kusher said the rise in searches showed that Australians were maintaining a healthy interest in property despite the pandemic.“With some restrictions being eased around inspections and auctions in New South Wales and Western Australia this week, it will be interesting to see if some of the heightened search activity begins to translate into higher transaction volumes,” Mr Kusher said.But valuers at Herron Todd White say home buyers are set to be presented with a smorgasbord of options once coronavirus lockdown rules ease and sellers rush back to the market.“You will probably be spoiled for choice over the coming months, so be ready to go and see if you can get some solid real estate at an enviable price.”As much as 10 per cent — or $73,000 — could be wiped from house prices nationally in the next year, according to Finder research. 4. Mount Gravatt 3. Coorparoo 9. Alderley 8. Indooroopilly SPEEDY SALES (Source: Realestate.com.au, based on views per listing) 10. Highgate Hill last_img read more

Scholes tells Rooney to stay

first_imgPaul Scholes believes Wayne Rooney should resist the appeal of Chelsea and stay at Manchester United. “It’s up to Wayne – but he’s a top, top player and every player and fan wants him to stay.” Scholes, who made his United debut in 1993 and went on to make more than 700 appearances for the club, does not believe manager David Moyes is under pressure to recruit. The Barclays Premier League champions have made two offers to Barcelona for midfielder Cesc Fabregas, for a reported £25million and £30million respectively, both of which were rejected by the Catalan club. Scholes, who retired from action for a second time in May, added on Sky Sports News: “I don’t think there’s that much pressure. “He’s got a quality squad there, with already 18-20 quality players. “Even if Sir Alex Ferguson was there he would want to sign two or three players. That’s the norm every season – to improve the year after, even if you’ve won the league. “I’m sure David Moyes is trying to get players – and hopefully he’ll get the ones he wants.” The Blues had a bid for the England striker turned down last week – but their pursuit of him is ongoing. However, 38-year-old Scholes said: “I don’t think there’s anywhere better than Manchester United to play your football. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Rose frustrated after fine start

first_img “I played very well again today,” said Warren, who finished third behind Rose in the Scottish Open. “I drove it really well so I was able to be aggressive due to the conditions and went at a lot of the flags. I gave myself a lot of chances and holed a few more putts today. “Hopefully I can do the same again tomorrow and there is no reason why not the way I am playing.” Warren finished his round in style with four birdies in the last five holes, holing from 15 feet on the 16th, 30 feet on the 17th and two-putting the par-five 18th, one of two holes where the pin had been moved to higher ground due to the wet conditions and a forecast for more rain. Rose had birdied the final two holes of his second round to make the cut with just a shot to spare on Friday evening and carried on where he left off on Saturday. The world number five raced to the turn in just 31 at a venue where he made his Ryder Cup debut in 2008 and finished with three points from four matches, but after picking up another shot on the 13th the 34-year-old’s charge was halted with bogeys on the 15th and 16th. Press Association Rose, who won back-to-back events for the first time in his career in the Quicken Loans National and Scottish Open recently, birdied the 18th to complete a 67 and finish four under, one behind clubhouse leaders Marc Warren and Brooks Koepka. “I had it going, five under through 13, so I was looking to get it to maybe seven or eight under for the round and who knows where that would put me going into tomorrow,” a disappointed Rose said. “I would say the winning score is going to be 16 under, somewhere in that realm. When you start even par you’ve got to go all guns blazing. I felt like I could have got halfway there today, but it wasn’t to be. “Some parts of the golf course are really easy out there,” Rose said. “Getting close to the pin with your irons is easy, but that’s if you catch a good lie in the fairway. Obviously the fairways are completely saturated right now and the fact that they are so wet probably is a good thing it’s not picking up much mud. “But if it drys out at all it’s going to be a nightmare out there tomorrow if we don’t get a little rain from now until then. The ball is going to pick up so much mud, which is obviously tough conditions to play in.” England’s Danny Willett had also jumped up the leaderboard courtesy of birdies on the second and third and chipping in for an eagle on the fourth, which had been reduced to 292 yards to allow players to try to drive the green. A birdie on the 10th then took Willett to six under par and just three off the lead held by Rory McIlroy, who had yet to begin his third round. Joint clubhouse leader Warren was enjoying his second experience of the year’s final major after finishing in a tie for 12th on his debut at Oak Hill 12 months ago. Former US Open champion Justin Rose was frustrated not to make the most of a brilliant start as low scoring looked to be the order of the day in the 96th US PGA Championship at Valhalla.last_img read more

Butler looks for home win vs St. John’s

first_imgButler looks for home win vs St. John’s SUPER SENIORS: Butler has relied heavily on its seniors this year. Kamar Baldwin, Sean McDermott, Bryce Nze and Bryce Golden have collectively accounted for 66 percent of the team’s scoring this year and 60 percent of all Bulldogs points over the last five games.CREATING OFFENSE: Rasheem Dunn has accounted for 43 percent of all St. John’s field goals over the last three games. Dunn has 16 field goals and 18 assists in those games.WINLESS WHEN: St. John’s is 0-10 when scoring fewer than 68 points and 15-4 when scoring at least 68.UNBEATEN WHEN: St. John’s is a perfect 5-0 when the team blocks at least seven opposing shots. The Red Storm are 10-14 this season when they block fewer than seven shots.DID YOU KNOW: The St. John’s offense has recorded a turnover on only 15.4 percent of its possessions, which is the 11th-lowest rate in the nation. The Butler defense has forced opposing teams to turn the ball over on just 18 percent of all possessions (ranked 257th among Division I teams). March 3, 2020 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditSt. John’s (15-14, 4-12) vs. Butler (20-9, 8-8)Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indianapolis; Wednesday, 7 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: Butler looks for its sixth straight win over St. John’s at Hinkle Fieldhouse. The last victory for the Red Storm at Butler was a 69-52 win on Jan. 25, 2014.center_img Associated Press ___For more AP college basketball coverage: https://apnews.com/Collegebasketball and http://twitter.com/AP_Top25___This was generated by Automated Insights, http://www.automatedinsights.com/ap, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.comlast_img read more