DR of Congo UN aid expected to reach 55000 households affected by

The delivery of food and non-food items to Goma and Sake is part of the first phase of a UN operation to distribute emergency supplies to the population displaced by the disaster. Meanwhile, about half of Goma’s water distribution system was back on line, with the other half expected to be operational within 10 days. Neighbourhoods still without water have been getting help from the UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC, which is distributing water bladders. UN officials said that a third road passage between the eastern and western parts of town was expected to be carved out of the lava today. The UN has also financed the purchase of a number of speedboats to aid the transport of goods between the two halves of Goma. Local officials in Goma decided this morning to re-open the airport but only for light airplanes, as engineers continued to study the condition of the runway.